Monday, June 3, 2013

England is Praying for you Dally Boy

Wow what a whirlwind of a week- so many ups and downs! Dallin- just know that your little sister who has grown up right behind you is so proud to call you her big brother and that this speedbumb has got nothing on you. You  have so many people all around the world now, especially here in Englad, praying for you- and the Lord does answer his children's prayers- especially the prayers of missionaries. I know that to be true. All will be well. When President Rasmussen gave me a call and asked if he could stop by our flat for a couple minutes, I was like oh goody Sisters can now officially be promoted to AP's haha Got a little too excited! His words were nothing of that sort and those were some of the hardest words to hear come out of his mouth, but in the end I felt peace and love. President and the Zone Leaders  than gave me a blessing unlike anything I have ever heard, I dont even remeber the words really, I just remeber being so overwhelmed, confused, like I was in a dream and couldnt wake up. But in the end, I once again felt Peace and a reassurance that the Lord knows what we are going . The power of priesthood is truely amazing, and I am so grateful to have it here with me especially at this time. Dallin, It may not be easy, but everything is going to be ok, and allthough Im not necessarily next to your bed as I wish so badly I was holding your hand and singing country songs to you, I belong here, and am going to help so much more a thousand miles away on the other side of the world. You have a family that loves you so much and would do anything for you and that is exactly what we are going to do. You are strong, you are an example, you are a hard worker, Shoot your a wengert- we dont give up. As a family we are going to get you through this, I do not doubt that for one second. We have done it once, we will do it again. Just know that your little sister is so proud of the achomplisments you have allready made, I have always been so proud to call you my brother. You were the first person I know I could call at 12;15 at night in the freezing winters in Logan and ask you to come pick me up from work cause my car is broken down again Or could barge in on your Romantic Dinner date with your cute wife plus the single third wheel (me) Dally man I love you so much and know that the Lord gives specific trials to specific people becuase they know they can handle them and how they will react and grow from them. The Lord gave this to you becuase he knows you and Amy are strong enough to handle this and will both grow together, and the Saviour will be standing next to you at each step you take. I know this gospel- the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the One and Only true gospel on the Earth today with the fullness of the gospel, and it is led by an incredible servent of God- Thomas S. Monson. The Book of Mormon is the most correct book on this Amazing Earth The Lord has given to us to grow and learn on, and I am so grateful as a missionary to be able to devote my time to studying and learing how the Saviour taught and was. The Book of Mormon comes to life as I read it now- I never expereinced that before, and its my favorite thing as a missionary- I know you remember the same feeling becuase you have told me all about it. The Church of Jesus Christ is the greatest blessing in my life and I am so grateful for the knowledge I have today. I love being a missionary and an instrument in the Lord's hand- Miracles are real and Dally you are one of his many miracles! I love you so much and hope to become half the missionary you were. I miss you and am so proud of you Dally- You are in my prayers every day, so many times a day (missionaries Pray ALOT haha). I know the Harder I work the more my family will be blessed-I love you. Stay Strong and Dont forget who you are. I love you Dally man- Mom told me that You will be at the airport and will be the first one to walk to me and hug me and welcome me home...I do not doubt that for one minute! I love you and cant wait for that moment but until then...Come What May and Love it! I love you
D&C 6:36 "doubt not fear not" 

 Sister Wengert

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