Monday, May 27, 2013

Last day of being 21!

THANK you soooo much for all the Birthday wishes for tomorow! Mom thank you so much for my package- I got them at zone conference and everyone in my district were all around me when I opened my 2 packages and loved my crest whiting strips and deodorant everyone else was not too excited! But I was thrilled thank you so much and anything else should be at the mission home and I should get them next tuesday! So thanks so much! The pictures from Tara- loveeeedd them made me a bit trunky but good trunky! Thank you so much though! Ty and Levi look so handsome and loved the shirts! JORDAY AND NAES- How is efy? Any cute boys? Did any counselors remeber me by chance..prob not- im a lost cause! Any cute Counselors....hey i do come home in 16 months from today! I have officilaly been out for 2 months Today! Crazy huh! 
Zone Conference was soo great! I got asked to play the piano so was a little nervous cause I have Zero time to practice, but the meeting was incredible! We also had a preach my gospel activity were they would put up quotes and then we would have 10 seconds to go the page it was on in our PMG's and guess who was one of the winners! This sister- well with the help from me having extra points for being a New missionary so it was all becuase we get double points but still it was fun and everyone gets so competitve and the prize- American Rootbear! haha Which you cant get here! To bad I dont drink soda, but the elders loved it! It was fun to be around and meet more sisters too! We are slowly repopulating and there are more and more! I love it! and it was great to see President and SIster Rasmussen! They are such incredible people and would do anything for me and asked about my family  and Marana and everything! But thank you for the packages- I really appreciate it! 
This week not gonna lie, not the best week for numbers, but a needed week for sure! This week I learned it is all about your attitude! This week I decided to have a positive and fun attitude in the worst situations and it really works! If you tell yourself you love knocking doors in the pouring rain and ice cold wind, then you love it (ps in our mission when you knock in the rain which is like every day, your husband gets better looking so not bad- were willing ), if you tell yourself you love your companion no matter what she says or does, then you love her and have a better time. It is all about the attitude. and it definitly helped this week because everyone of our lessons got flogged this week. Such a bummer and very frustraing, but once again it is all about your attitude. So we didnt teach any lessons this week really. But found some really solid potentials and allowed us to focus on improving our finding skills and as we did, we did much better and could see our hard work pay off. I know the lord prepares his children to hear this message, and we are going to find them as we rely on the spirit. I love talking to people on the street, everyone has a different story and life and just such neat people. Well most people. This week we got yelled at pretty good by a man at this door saying to never come round and that we ruined his day, and that we are prisoners of faith. Others beleive we are sales women, or are there to show them around a house that they are standing by. haha Just laugh it off, it makes a good story in your journal (Ps dad, I made a goal to write everyday because I know you did and so far so good thank you for your example). Amy I wish you taught me polish before I left, the elders are teaching 3 polish people and they speak about 10 words of english and through rough translation are still able to bring the spirit. I said I would talk to you flying over to help teach them :) 
I also got to teach YW on sunday and such a fun day- we even went out and sat in the sun becuase it never shines here except that day. It was fun to get to know them and talk with them. 
Today was fun- I got to choose what to do today on Pday for my bday so I chose to go to Glaucster Cathedral and a festival there in glaucster. The Cathedral is were the filmed parts of the Harry Potter Movie and they look just like the movie! I went to Hogwarts today! So crazy it was just like the movie!  It was soooo coool and I cant wait to go back again and take more pictures- its cost £3 (pounds) to take pictures and it is the end of the month so all of us missionaries are broke and have no money from our missionary funds! But then we went to the festival down by the dock and saw all these old ships and they had music and food and old english stuff. It was really fun! But all is well! Love you all and hope summer is fun! Naes congrats on your award- my comp is so proud of you! Love you all and have a great week 
w9 Sister Wengert

Monday, May 13, 2013


Seeing you on skype yesterday made my life for the next 18 months! Mother's day is officially my favorite holiday! Sooo fun and sorry Tara and TJ, something went dumb on skype and I couldnt get all reconnected but it was so fun to see the boys and you and talk for a bit! Mom- everyone in my district is still talking about how funny you are! haha so thank you for bringing some humor to our missionary lives- It doesnt take much! But all is well and another rainy and hail filled week! 
This week we taught a former investigator who had a date to get baptised and it feel through and a year later we come into the picture and we taught a really good refresher of the restoration (my first "First" lesson on the mish so far) and the spirit was so strong! and at the end of the lesson I got the oppurtnity to extend baptism and she excepted! she  has a date for the 31st of May! Extending baptism was so powerful and such a cool experience! She is really excited but we have a lot of work to do before that date! But prety exciting! Miracles are so real as  a missionary! I love it! Last Pday we saw this guy and his dog and he was walking but we were in our pday clothes and had no pass along cards so we just passed by and didnt say anything! Turns out that night we saw him again! we stopped him and talked with him and gave him a book of Mormon and set up a return appointment! Coincidence I think not! I love miracles, they make everything so worth it! 
This week I ate a sharon fruit for the first time! It is this orange looking fruit you eat here in england! Sooo good and I ate pumpkin for the first time as well. Like the orange part :) Also I had "Missionary chicken" for the first time, a lengendary meal the Beazor family feeds the missionaries! This week a sweet old lady taught me how to eat like a lady, with a knife in your right now and fork in your left! Ill teach you to eat "properly" as she says when I get home! This was right after we modeled here japanese dresses for her! Way good! We also did a lot of service this week at Mama Chesters Home! This women is one of the greatest women that has ever lived! She is originally from Bostwania and her son is a ward missionary and is always working with us! Such a neat family! But Mama Chesters takes good care of us and tells us all of her words of wisdom. She makes sure we never go hungry and is planning on taking us sisters to get our nails done (She looked at my missionaries nails and said " Gurl, me and you need a day to get our nails did) haha Such a sweet women! We built her a shed and painted it for us with the other 2 sets of elders. Suprisingly it looks pretty good! 
This week we had a combined district meeting with the missionaries in Glaucseter. Such a neat and so spirtiual meeting. I love learning from other missionaries and hearing all their experiences! We are all missionaries in almost the same area, but have such differenet expereineces! I love it! 
This week we also had splits with sis Neilson this week! Love her to death and learn so much from her each time! She is from Utah and we are allready making plans for when we get back to go boarding and eat at Olive Garden! 
This week I got some interesting compliments from some people! Some lady as she was slamming the door in our faces yelled ou Hey Nice teeth and slammed the door! Another person yelled out hey I respec you but I believe in Science not jesus! haha Love the people more and more here! I cant beleive I have finishe my first transfer allready- it really has flown by! Our District Leader Elder Lyman leaves Wednesday and its sad to see him go! But
Mom- for my birthday don't send me that toothbrush I have it all figured out but I would love crest whitenting strips maybe and some real dove powdered deodorant none of that spray on stuff! Love you so much! Thanks for all you do! Dad hope you and Naes had fun in The GC! Missed you on Skype- but dad thank you for answering that random UK phone number! Love you all and have a great week! Cheers!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Another week in the EBM aka Earth's Best Mission

6 May 2013
HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO yesterday!! Thanks for the visual of food dad! Ahhhhh Its killing me- I want some green chili so bad!! haha But yesterday we had a DA at an American families house, and they remeber Cinco De Mayo and made English "Mexican" food! haha Didnt taste much like mexican food but it was the thought that counted! Tara Jo- Those pictures are adorable! Everyone huddled over me at our zone Pday today and ohhhed and ahhed on my two handsome boys! Im so glad ty loved his card and their is hope that they both remeber me! I love that! But Im glad Ty had a fun birthday party and way to suprise Dev! Sounds like Fun!
This week has been a building and learning but really good week! This week we didn't teach much at all- all of our lessons got flogged unfortunatly. But I have hope that in the next 18 months I will be able to teach my "first" first lesson in the mission, all of our lessons so far have been flogged, but I guess the Lord just wants to teach my patienece! And slowly Im learning to have patience as a missionary!
Mom is everyone getting my emails- and can you get me Brindy's and Olivia's email address?? Also, I can use Cd's we have a DVD player that we watch the district on that we can listen to Cd's or USB's also work whatever is up to you! Thanks SOOO much for the package! Made my week when I went to the mission home and got it! Good work on the scarf- way cute and I have gotten many compliments on it! so Thank you and that was the best smashed Fig newton in the world! Really- and were did you find that cute bag of Chocolate Covered Palmogranets! So cute and soooo good! and thank you for all the great letters!
This week we have seen some incredible miracles: that is one of the coolest things in missionary work is to be able to see miracles every day! We taught this random lesson with this lady we found on the street who left and then turned around and came back to us and she lived in the craziest, dirtiest, smelliest, covered in laundry, and her crazy partner in his bathrobe but the spirit was so strong as I shared a scripture on the atonement and testified that the Saviour (UK spelling, I really can still spell) knows how she feels. But it was a really cool expereince! We also met some really cool potentials this week by following the promptings of the spirit on who to stop and talk to who are totally out of our way- they all strengthening my testimony of the Lord's hand in missionary work! It is so cool!  I took the train to Birmingham this week on Friday for a trainers follow up meeting and got to see Everyone who was in the MTC with and it was sooooo great! We seriously sprinted across the train station and embraced in handshakes! It was so good to see everyone in my district! We were the biggest group to enter into the mission and still am until June! Pretty Cool! Awwww I loved it and such a great meeting- and we got post that got sent to the mission home so even better! But it was so fun to see everyone! Im glad you got to talk to Sister Rasmussen, she is so great and they are seriously like parents to all of us missionaries!
Remeber the 17 year old who's mum and sister passed away- he has been impossible to stop by and actually see, we have tried over 7 times, and we finally got a hold of him and set up an appointment! So its pretty exciting and have such a good feeling about him! This week we did a lot of service, and I basicall rebuilt a shelf for this man in our ward who has some health problems and he loves to talk to us, it was the man who we sang a song too once- just me and Sister Obies Sanchez....a bit awkard, but hey that is the name closet to describe missionary work!
Derek is in New  Hampshire! What the heck I had no idea! But im excited for Derek to finally get to the feild- Derek send me your emails pleaseeee! Love you but please! But when will you go to Argentina- I wish you were reassigned to England! That would be awesome and we could be companions again!
Today we had a Zone Pday and it was so much fun! We had a vollyball tournament, played some ultimate frisbee, some rugby, and just hung out and ate chocolate- story of our lives here in England! The cholcolate is so much better here than in America! Sorry to say! But it was a blast, and fun to see everyone- there were probably about 35 elders and us 4 sisters ;) way to represent Sisters!
I get to skype this Sunday! I cant wait- Dad your not gonna be there!? Bummer!! Your leaving saturday morning! But Dad maybe I can call you?! Ill see what I can do! I sure hope so but have fun in Hava Supi- Im jeaolous and take lots of pictures and email them to me! But Sunday unless things change- Ill probably skype around 6 oclock which means about 10 oclock there! Sorry dumb time chagnge- but ill give your email to the person I am skyping with and email your name to her- any questions ask TJ, when in doubt just ask him! But I cant wait to see your faces! Maybe we could even work out a three way skype with some of my other favorite people! We will see:) But all is welll here! Mom- one thing I would LOVEEE is if you would send me a few deodorant sticks- they dont sell powedered Dove deodorant here- only gross spray stuff- that is all i want for my birthday haha! But we will talk on Sunday! I cant wait! Home sounds great and mom congrats on your new calling- it is an inportnant calling and you will do soooo well! Love you all and thanks for all you do for me! This work is so awesome and it is a privelage to be apart of it! I love this gospel! Have a Fun dabby Dosy Week! Love ya