Thursday, March 5, 2015

Well... I'm back and back into action!

I am back to school at Utah State University and almost have finished my first year back. I have recently been accepted into the secondary education program and I am in the health education and promotion major.

I have recently been reflecting on the importance of education and why I want to be a part of it. I have about two years left of school but enjoy my education classes.

With coming home from a mission and having to make life changing decisions, it has really helped me to focus on why I am go into this particular field of career.

I recently heard the story of a young boy on the beach throwing one star fish back into the water one at a time. An old man comes up and claims he is not making a difference since there are hundreds of starfish that have been washed up on the shore. The boy claims that he has made a difference with one, which is difference enough. I want to become a teacher so I can change that one.

Looking back on my education I have had a variety of teachers who have made a big impact in my life. They may have only made an impact in my life, but I will then make an impact in another person's life, and hopefully that person will make a difference in someone else's life. It is a chain reaction that never stops.

I want to be a teacher because education is everything and affects our life in a variety of ways. I want to teach high school in particular because it is such an important time in our life. High school is a time of choice, finding yourself, and preparing for the future. You need important role models in your life at that time and I feel that as an educator you can be that role model. I want to be a teacher so I can help generations now and to come to become better. teaching is exactly how that is done. 

 I want to teach health science classes (anatomy and physiology, nutrition, dietetics, etc) and eventually go into administration. It feels good to be on my way, and I m excited for the future. 

I love how the world of teaching is changing and becoming even better. Technology is becoming a big part of education. Blogs are changing the face of education and they make sharing ideas with other educators which is so helpful. These are some great blogs to learn from you should check them out too!




Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome to the World Baby Clay Wengert!

CONGRATS Amy! Thats funny, I was just telling my comapion I felt like one day I was going to open my email and say hey i have another nephew! That is so exciting and he is so handsom, takes after his daddy! Hope you feeling better Amy! I bet Dally is the best dad and changes all the napies (diapers) haha. Man UofA is tearing is up! I like to rub it in to the elders a lot here and they are suprised i know my stuff about UofA, haha So thanks for the updates, it makes me sound cooler! Derek you are the man, keep up the good work, the asian spanish missionary sounds like a fun exchanges! I always love exchanges and working with other missionaries, you always learn so much!
This has been a good week of finding and searching for the Lords elect in the Lords vineard! This week we found another muslim man who comes from Tajikistan who we taught in the coffee shop, there are many muslims around here England, and there is even a place called Normanton, if I could imagine what Iraq or those other countries, I imagine it looks familiar, but most muslims are not interested in us teaching them, and he was the 1st person we stopped that day as well. He told us he wants us to be his "sisters" and tell us all. We had many DA's this week, and ate some authentic peruivan food including a fig and prune pudding, and some pork rynes haha! But I love being with the members, and this next week we as a district are starting to go to each family and help them to create there Family mission plan, just for their family.It is exciting and we set up a system and a way for us to track it all and as us missionaries rotate Dinner apps, they will report back and we will work with the families to do more missionary work hoefuly! You should all set up a family mission plan: we are focusing on making it for them, wheather there plan is to give out 4 Book of Mormons in 6 months, or introduce a friend to the missionaries, or invite them to church, something they feel as a family will stretch them to do missionary work but also realistic! We are excited to see what happens with it and we know it will strengthen the ward!
Also I had a pretty incredible miracle sunday night, we were eating Dinner and all of a sudden the phone rang. I have been working to set up driving lessons to work towards taking the test to get my full british liscense. It is expensive and a lot of work and a tough test, so lessons are needed! But I was looking online for a good reasonably priced instructor that would be willing to do it in an automatic car, mission vehicles are all automatic. But had no luck with that, so I goodles some automatic instructors in derby and about 30 came up. There was one that I instantly looked to: it was a private owned company, but I felt that despite the price being a bit higher than others to go ahead and do this one, so I called the lady, no answer, so i left a message. I said if she didnt call back by tonight, I Would try some others. No call back, but We had no time to call others, so i just put it off till Monday. Sunday evening I got that call and it was Mandy Jackson the driving instructor, we talked a bit about lessons and explained to her that I was a missionary from my church and why I was doing it, and that all explained my accent to her as well. But she asks if its the church of jesus Christ and I asked if she knew about it and ends up that she did lessons with an Elder and they ended up teaching her, and she was preparing to be baptised! Ends up that they stopped coming around for one reason or another, and she never found out why! But she was all for the church and loved going and attending the activities too. I have a lesson on Tuesday morning, and am excited to talk to her about it more! It was a reminder to me that the lords hand is in Everything, even driving lessons!
Also another miracle! So for New years we had to be in by 6, some crazy things around, just better to be in, but we came back and sis peronnt made us crepes, and we got to watch 17 miracles! It was a good time, and fun to just relax a bit! Derek you were out till 11:45! I dont think I could even stay up that late anymore haha! But the next day the streets were EMPTY! literraly I think we talked wtih 10 people that day. That evening we were finding and still nobody was outside, it was tipping rain, and nobody out, we just kept walking around, and looking for people to actuallly talked to, We finally found a few, but after an hour and a half in the rain we headed back towards our flat, as we were hurrying home to change out of our soaked clothes and into dry ones, we saw one more person down the street, we kept going, but as we kept walking we felt that we should turn back and talk to him! Turns out Taz has had a rough life, he was a bit drunk as most of England is on New Years day, but we testified of the Plan of Salvation and he beleived us when we said it was no coincidence we met him on the street in the rain tonight. He lives with his girlfiriend and we are going to go around and see him again. As we walked home, I felt a bit dryer and not so soaking wet, and a happiness I cant explain. Hew would ever imagine I would love working in the rain so much!
Hey I also Finally got my MRI results back and all good news, he did say I have something called adhesive capusalitis or something and that is why my shoulder is still not 100% but he said it should heal just fine on its own, and he may do some Physio therapy in 2 weeks if he thinks it may help! So all is well and Im back in the game!
We are also working with a recent convert Tabitha to get her family history started, she is from Zimbabwe and its very confusing and difficult but its been fun to work with her, with the little info we know about it and see how much happiness it brings her! She says it makes her so happy inside, I cant beleive Tan will be able to do those names you found in family history soon! Size 11 shoes- Tan you are the Man!
But another good week and another good week to come! its 2014 and Ive been thinking alot about this past year, its been a year of learning and growth, and part of it was spent on my mission, which will always be special to me, but Im excited for the new days to come! New years is always a time to change and become better, so im excited to see what the lord has instore for me to become better! Love you all, and welcome to the world Baby Clay! Hope your doing good Grandpa and Also Ted with your eye! Hope your new home is nice Elder haha I just typed in Elder hahaha Man...Uncle Kenny! Tara when are you due?  Ted? Make it a great week!
W9 Sister Wengert

Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!

Well ,long time no Chat! It was so good to see you all on Christmas and you all look so good, but also different! Tan you are the man and I loved your ring, your getting so grown up, not my little tan man anymore! Naes I loved the onesie and hope you liked it, your so grown up as well and are even more beutiful as ever, and im glad someone understands about the MRI uncomfortablness! Jordy, thank you for my gift and I knew you picked it out becuase it was so cute, not saying mum doesnt pick out cute stuff too haha but I love it and thank you for it! Dallin, I could not get over you! You are a miracle and Look Amazing! Im not going to lie I was a bit nervous to see you and hear you, but you look wonderful and it truely is a miracle! Keep up all your hard work! Im so proud of you, and told President and sis Rasmussen and they loved hearing all about you! Amy your belly is adorable  and Happy Birthaday tomorrow! When are you do, I feel like one monday im just going to pop open the email and it will say hello you have another nephew! Im so excited! Tara when are you due and the boys are so cute and Ty is doing so well! Tj what would we do without you? We probably would have to just skype in silence! haha Mom is so was so good to see you and hear your voice and Dad even though you made me a bit jealous with that cinnamon roll, it was soo good to see you and loved you in your beanie! haha Can you send some pictures of Christmas next week! What did everyone get?? How did Ty and Lev opening their presents! Ty was so cute on his motorcylce rollercoaster and talks so well! I loved the Thomas S. Monson! He will make a great missionary some day! I would have just been happy to sit and watch you all, it was crazy to all at once see everyone, but I loved it and was sad it went by so fast! Thank you so SO SO much for the parcels and Gifts I got! I didnt even get to say thank you! But Tara thank you for the frame and pictures (i think you accidently sent Lindas paper to me as well haha) but that family picture is so cute and you look beautiful as usual! But thank you, I loved it and the frame is hanging next to our area map! Thank you mama for the gift as well, the blanket which is now sitting on my bed, and the scarfs as well! I love the thick one and sister peronnet did as well! Thank you for the shirt too, I love it! Everything was great and I was spoiled so much on that day! Derek Im sorry your case was a bit different, but I hope you get your packages soon- do you really have to put Jesus on the parcel to get it there safe, I sent you one for Christmas so look for it as well! But Skype was so goooood and I still just sit and smile when I think of it! I forgot half the questions I was going to ask but still good! How is Sally the Mustang doing? How is Grandpa doing- both Grandpas?
Christmas was good and we ate and ate and skyped and ate! But it was fun to be all around the families and join in on everything! We walked into one home and Home alone was playing and I almost screamed for joy, but of course we were obedient and they turned it off haha! But the 3 seconds I saw of the part where Marv was about to say Wow what a hole, brought back some good memories! I loved being a missinoary during Christmas and allowing my testimony to grow on the divinty of the saviour! I know he lives and loves us all and am so grateful I got to focus on Christ so much more than any other christmas I have in the past! Christmas on a mission is something I will never have again, which makes me sad, but I am so grateful for the oppurtunity to have it! The study I had that morning, and many other ones leading up to Christmas is something Ill never forget.
This week was probably one of our best weeks number wise and experience wise in my whole mission or about that! It was amazing and Sister Peronnet wasnt feeling well and we had 2 days not full pros either! It was so fun! We taught many lessons and also got 2 new investigators! We finally were able to teach Jonathen from Nigera and he is the man! I love him so much! He has this deep smoker type voice and loves the lord more than anyone i know. He says he wants to come out preaching with us! haha But we taught him the 1st lesson and began to read the Book of Mormon. He says it is a fantastic book and he knows it is true. He loves coming to Church and came to the carol service they did on Christmas day! He is on a baptismal date for the 18 of January and we still have lots of connections to help him make and teach! but He is the coolest guy and although it is hard to teach becuase he talks a lot! haha I have allready learnt so much from him. It was pretty neat the other day we were teaching him and in the middle of us testifying about how God is our loving Heavenly father his neighbor (he lives in a flat complex of a bunch of single bedrooms and one living room and kitchen) comes in and interupts by saying hey want some coffee? haha we said oh thats ok and turn back to Jonathan, but he comes over and introduces himself to us and his name is Artin. He continues to come and say are you sure you dont want coffee...tea? a couple other times, and finally I explained to him we dont drink Coffee haha, but I got the impression, and I was studying this in teaching skills in preach my gospel to invite him to listen to what we had to say, so i did and he said he would finish his coffee and come and sit down! he did and it turns out he comes from muslim descent but his mum is christian and he is in the middle to figure out what he wants. We taught him the Book of Mormon and how to pray and he said he would try to make it to chruch tomorrow! It was a neat expereince to actually do what preach my gospel tells us to do and it actually works and we get another new investigator! I figured out the key to missionary work is to do exactly what PMG says! haha that simple follow the spirit and do what PMG says and how! Took me long enough to figure that one out! haha Miracles again...there everyewhere!
England use to not be a baptising mission and not a very successful one at that, but the Lord is really hastening his work, even in Cold wet England, people are being prepared!
Karen and Jackie are also doing good and we are teaching much more than before and the success in our area is booming at the moment! Such a blessing to be able to witness it and to be apart of it! Jackie texted us the other day and said she made a goal to read one chapeter in the Book Of Mormon a day! and I also got to pass on a referral to the Tucson, Arizona mission, her daughter! Preatty cool! The more success we see as missionaries the more confidence in Heavely Father that the work we are doing is so inportant and is real and happeneing now!
I havent really been able to reade Dereks emails super well, becuase I get them all a week behind everyone else and just get enough time to skim through them so i took some time to read through them and Derek! You are the man!  I didint realize how far in the middle of no where you are! You are a great example to me and am grateful to be serving at the same time as you! Keep up the good work and I hope your Christmas was good, it made my day to hear your voice and see your brown tan face haha! im so white now haha! But really keep up the good work!
What are the plans for New years? We have to be in by 6 oclock haha too much craziness outside, plus we live in student housing so way too much craziness going on!
Life is good. Thank you for you! Im glad you all had a good time and Im sure dev and ted are keeping you intertained, i was sad not to see them but tell everyone I love them all very much! Je Taime (my french is getting better) Avaju!
W9 Sister Wengert
Happy New Years!
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Monday, December 9, 2013

Aloha family!!!

Aloha family!!! (man Hawaii does sound nice and warm...)
Its allready Monday again, this is mental. Time goes by way to fast here! This week I have become quite popular in the mission becuase of the number of packages I have for Christmas! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa and mama and Tara for the Packages, they are sitting under our mini Christmas Tree waiting to be opened on Christmas, but dont worry the Zone leaders even took of the custom label with what is inside of it before they gave them to me! haha But thank you so much, I really dont need anything, but the thought and support from my family is the best and thank you! Did my secret sib get my present yet?? Keep your eyes peeled! UofA is number 1 in the nation...good thing I rep my UofA shirt (right next to my Aggies shirt) all the way over here! I also got the notes from the sisters and RS which was such a cool idea and I loved reading each one over and over while sitting next to the heater!
This week was full of miracles like each week normally is. I have decided Miracles are so real and Miracles happen, just like that shirt says! Everyday the Lords hand is all around us...we are so lukcy, it is just our job to distiguish and recognize that it is the Lords hand and not just conincidence!
This week we worked 3 AUF's (address unknown files from church headquarters- the lost sheep program) (Derek are you working those as well??- i think its a world wide mission thing going on now-pretty exciting) and AUF's is basically guarnateed miracles! This week we went up to Chaddedson...our area is huge and is full of about 11 small villages spread out throughout Derbyshire and it talks a while to get to them, but anyway we headed up the Chaddedson for the day to finish an AUF we started and teach a lesson from a lady we had found early when we started working it. She ended up canceling but we worked the area and began to knock 20 doors around the home. We knocked and slam, knocked, and slam. This area is a bit dodge and very low income and full of interesting people, but we continued knocking and ended up 1 hour later with 3 return appoitments including a LA we knocked into a coulple weeks past who no records here in Derby! Miracles!! We also stopped Richard the 80 year old man we met at the poppy apelle and invitied him to church and he excepted!! haha Low and Behold Sunday morning we see Richard wobbling with his walker into church and he sees us and shouts with his old man voice...well hello my sisters! he loved church despite the fact he could barely see who was speaking and not hear much , but we cam prepared and brought the massive BOM and bible and ended up setting a time for us to come round this week! haha He was loving the attention at church and told all of his gold war stories of serving 15 years in the british Legion. Richard is the Man! haha
This saturday we also had the Sister training leaders (girl ZL kind of) come down with there car to help us work some far out AUF's that are in our area but an hour bus ride away! But they came and we found so many great people but the most exciting is this philipiano family that was found that has 6 kids. They are excited for us to come around, but dang satan has allready stepped in and the kids have chicken pox so we have to wait a bit! haha But were excited, good things are coming up in our area!
There has been one tough thing, we can not fine Chris anywhere! We have stopped by, called, he doesnt answer and his phone is off and buzzer to his flat. We are getting nervous, so maybe just keep him in your prayers! We also got another new investigator this week named Karen, a referral from a member! She is in a wheelchair and has some severe health problems due to alcohol, but so sweet. We simply taught that she was a child of God and the member bore a powerful testimony about how she was inportant and a daughter of God, she ended up in tears and has began to read the Book of Mormon. Members are so inportant in the work, it cant be done without them!
Speaking of members, our ward mission leader is a legend! He has been working so hard and has come up with incredible ideas to implement in the Derby ward....hopefully (us missionaries want this) a 2nd ward soon! But we have all been working hard and creating ideas for this next year to be a powerhouse year. We have so many activities and plans including a ward MTC (workshops on missionary work), culture nights, a competition between the missionaries and members to see who can give out the most BOM, a day of the ward working with us on the streets, missionary firesides ran by us, sports night each week, chapel tours done by members and missionaries, an Open your mouth month, so many exciting things. The mission is all talking about Derby ward, and not because of the missionaries but the ward members and what is boiling! It is so humbling and exciting to be a part of! The members and the missionaries must work together to be successful, its the only way to really hasten this work! I hope I stay here, we actually find out tonight where everyone is going? I could go, or stay, but who knows! Ill let you know next week!
Zone pday was fun! Sports and pizza...good day! This friday we also have our mission christmas conference with everyone so Im really excited to see everyone I have not seen in a while, including sister andersen my girl and sister obies sanchez! It should be a really good day! Christmas time as a missionary is amazing, so different than the normal christmas season and I love it!! We are able to do our best to focus on the spirit of Christ this christmas! The offereings we give up is for example: there is a list of them given from president to us and I chose to focus on offering baptism and the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone and focusing on becoming a true preach my gospel missionary, and a few other things. Just things we are devoting ourselves to become more like the saviour this Christmas! It is powerful!
We officially got up our Christmas tree and no results yet! Grandpa Allen is my prayers today, i know he will be fine and another miracle his cancer did no spread. Our family is so blessed, and I know the Lord knows our situation and knows what we can all handle! He has many prayers coming his way! How is Teddi's eye? Amy is due next month?? So crazy and i can wait to see this sweet boy! Could I maybe get some more address for family; I need Dev and Teds address and some other family members! Please and thank you! Are we doing christmas cards this year? What is everyones plans for Christmas, What is your skype name? Ya 3 way may work, that would be incredible, figure it out becuase I will probably skype evening here which is morning in the states and afternnon in Argentina?? Not sure but fingers crossed, leave it to TJ! Hope everything is well! How is the Dally man doing? Love you all! This little boy in church said something that struck me and made me smile. They were talking about santa, him and some more of his 6 year old friends... someone said man..santa is the best, and this little boy Jacob, stops them all and says no....Jesus is the best!
Hope we can all Focus on Christ and remeber that the christmas spirit is the spirit of Christ. We are so blessed to be in this gospel and to have the knowledge of our saviour. He truely is the best! Share that spirit with others...
W9 Sister Wengert
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Monday, November 25, 2013

Kebabs, Miracles, Rain, and More Miracles

Well....I have to start off with an embaressing story....all 4 of us ameircan missionaries where under the impression that Thanksgiving was Thursday....embaressing. We told all the members and everything. We go into district meeting on Thursday and so thankful and are talking on Gratitude, when Elder Patten the DL says..Elders & Sisters, today is not Thanksgiving! This is what happens when you are away from America for 8 months and nobody even understands Thanksgiving besides a holiday americans eat a lot of food. We all got a pretty good laugh this week  on that and made a pact to not tell anyone of our embaressing encounter. Well Have a good Thanksgiving this week! Sounds like Fun, and please eat lots of pumpkin pie for me. I did manage to get my hands on one can, which is pretty much impossible here, but we will have to do it next week. Its the last week of the month and we are low on MSF (Missionary money). But This last week was really good! We had a Dinner app every day this week, we are so spoiled here. The elders dont always have one, but we (us sisters) have decided we are loved more and are fed every night! This week I went to the doctor as well and he says everything is looking good and getting better real quick. He was quite suprised actually, I wanted to ask him, do you know why im healing so quickly?? Intro in the 1st lesson.... He is sending me for an MRI on my shoulder just to make sure 100% is fine inside there, but im feeling pretty good and looking even better:) haha This week was exciting for a Recent convert we have becuase she got her temple recomend to go the the temple for baptisms! She had the biggest grin on her face and has never been happier she says. Bishop came over with us on Thursday for her interview and she was so excited and couldnt wait for Saturday! Well..long story short, she ended up not going on satruday :( so sad. But we called and called and got a call from her ride saying she is still not here where they were suppose to meet, and so we ran as fast as we could to her flat. Her windows were open and all the lights were on and food still out and her purse still on the table with her coat. We were really worried about her and she still didnt answer her phone. I decided the best idea was to climb in her window to see if everything was all right! haha Well she was not in their and finally crawled back out worried. We said a quick prayer and then headed home puzzled. She calls a couple hours later explaining the  suition, but in the end she wasnt able to attendd, but she got her recommend and is now excited to do family history at the centre to get names for her to go again. haha quite the scare that our RC had just disapered but in the end, all worked out fine.
We had a DA this week with the little fairs and they made homeade chips and Burgers. They bring out our huge burgers and on top of each of ours is a homeade flag of America and Switzerland! haha So cute and the kids were so proud to give them to us even though the american flag was backwards, such a fun night there! We also did a lot of Less Acitve work and even got the YSA to come out with us on splits to go see some YSA less actives since there are about 100 of them! haha Lots of work to be done!
So recently the Mission home has sent our area a list of what we call AUF names: (Address Unknown files) These are names that the church has record of but think they are the wrong address, so they send the missionaries out to serach for these lost sheep who are all very less active for the past 20 plus years! Were bringing in the lost sheep they call it. Basically we take these names (we got about 16 of them) and go to this persons house and then knock 20 doors around and work the area and miracles happen. Missionaries Love AUFs becuase they = miracles and finding people to teach. Alot of the time the actual AUF wants nothing to do with us and usually slams the door, but we always find people to teach around these AUFs. So we have been working these AUFs like crazy and they are all over our area. Our Area is Huge and some of them take 45 plus minutes on a double decker bus to get out to just one way! We worked one specific AUF and the person no longer lived ther and we had about 15 min left before we had to catch a bus to dinner. We knocked and knocked: dreading each knock becuase it hurts your fingers so bad and no answer. We decided ok, one more door. we knock and a lady name Michelle answers. just in the middle of Tea (dinner :) Thats for you mum: a definition of each word I use) and we tell her about the church and the Book of Mormon, her eyes were huge and lit up so bright, she actually let us into her home and told her a bit about the Book of Mormon and set a return app for the following week. She was so excited and wants to raise her 3 kids (11, 6, 3) in a strong foundation in Jesus Christ! We walked away from that home into the cold that night, feeling pretty warm. That is the best feeling, miracles! We actually just taught her this morning! she loved it and clung to every word we said! She agreed to be baptised when she knew it was true and has allrady read over 12 chapters all by herself! She is 28 and has had some crazy trials in her life and is so ready for the gospel! She is attending church this sunday! and we are so excited! Blessings and miracles everywhere. They never stop! Dad you said a quote in your email about praying as if it depended on the Lord and then working as if it depended on you.. I just read that quote in a talk this morning! and wrote it all down! I love it! Thank you for bringing it back to my mind this morning!
Also we had Eddie come to Church on Sunday! We have been praying for this moment forever! He loved it and walked away and saying in his african accent...sooo beautiful and shaking his head! haha He loved it! We have some other africans in our ward and one man Lucky Kamba came up and put his arm around him and hit it off so well. He ended up giving him a ride home and then staying at his home for a bit to show him his favourite chapters in the Book of Mormon. We have such a great ward and we are preparing for the primary nativity presenatation, so its back to primary for me and its so fun because they all sing songs I have really never heard before, but sing really old traditional english songs! So cute and they are so excited to dress up at shepherds and angels! I also played the piano for sacrament meeting, primary, and a song the Young Women are singing at Night in excellence on Tuesday! Thank you again mama! Your lessons you gave me are paying off! I also am playing for a christmas conference for the entire mission on the 13 of December where each zone had some missionaries asked to performe a christmas song and president asked me and some missionaries to get o holy night arranged and together! It will be so much fun to see everyone (all 260odd missionairies) I havent seen in forever! Its just around the corner!
So right now we have Eddie on a date for the 21 of Decemeber and he is solidly progressing towards then and Chris is still working towards the 14 of Dec. and Now Michelle as well. The Lord is blessing us with large and small miracles and our area is growing. The members have been getting much more involved as well, which is what president has wanted us to focus on as well is getting the ward involved and we got 2 referrals on sunday! Our efforts in the cold and wet rain every day are paying off and we are truely seeing the fruits of our labours. We also had an emergencey switch on Sunday. We now have elder Besinger (english) in Derby instead of Elder Shipp. We now have 3 americans, one philipino, one from Switzerland, and one from England on our Derby team! haha Pretty fun!
I also had a first this week! I had a english Kebab this week! so bad for you, but you have to try it once in your life (YOLO) and the elders have been coaxing us for weeks to go to a chipy and try one! haha So we did, not too bad, but Ill still with my rice cakes and peanut butter still! haha
Teddi- I hope all is going ok with you and you are in my prayers for sure! I know the Lord is watching over us wengerts especially (we are a troublesome group arnt we) and know that all will work out. Love you.
Mum..I promise I will contain my excitement and not open any presents, my secret sib present should be being sent this week! It might be better to send packages to the mission home as well from now on, i dont know how long i will for sure be in derby! Transfers are on the 11 of December! But whatever works out!
That is so funny about Jordy being sung to and ya she is such a babe, im suprised not everyone wants to take her! Send lots of pictures! When is it?? I remember that dance, so much work, but so fun and so worth it! Have you got your dress yet? Basketball tourny soon and Jordan and Janae both playing! So fun, what postions are you playing??
Derek stay nice and jealous! Ill send some cool your way! Dereks biggest problem is marriages while over here its word of wisdom, I have never seen so many pubs in my life, they line the streets and Word of wisdom is a hard one to teach here! haha Funny have different but similar our missions are! I love it! You look great dery! Dang...Oregon lost to UofA! That is legit, doesnt stetson Baird play for them? haha Not much talk of college Football over here! haha I havent seen a proper "football" in ages!
Mom- to answer your questions- jumpers are like a sweatshirt or a hoddy and boots are like "cleats" haha. I almost forget how to describe it haha im losing it! But all is well and this week should be great. We have zone meeting and lots of work to be done! Have a great Thanksgiving! Send me lots of pictures! and Please eat some pumpkin pie for me! Love you all and am so thankful to have you in my life!
W9 Sister Wengert
I attached a pic of our burgers, but it was so cold and wet that night, my camera got all misted and had to dry out so it did this to the picture haha, but its fine now! But just a bit cold for this picture!
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