Monday, May 27, 2013

Last day of being 21!

THANK you soooo much for all the Birthday wishes for tomorow! Mom thank you so much for my package- I got them at zone conference and everyone in my district were all around me when I opened my 2 packages and loved my crest whiting strips and deodorant everyone else was not too excited! But I was thrilled thank you so much and anything else should be at the mission home and I should get them next tuesday! So thanks so much! The pictures from Tara- loveeeedd them made me a bit trunky but good trunky! Thank you so much though! Ty and Levi look so handsome and loved the shirts! JORDAY AND NAES- How is efy? Any cute boys? Did any counselors remeber me by chance..prob not- im a lost cause! Any cute Counselors....hey i do come home in 16 months from today! I have officilaly been out for 2 months Today! Crazy huh! 
Zone Conference was soo great! I got asked to play the piano so was a little nervous cause I have Zero time to practice, but the meeting was incredible! We also had a preach my gospel activity were they would put up quotes and then we would have 10 seconds to go the page it was on in our PMG's and guess who was one of the winners! This sister- well with the help from me having extra points for being a New missionary so it was all becuase we get double points but still it was fun and everyone gets so competitve and the prize- American Rootbear! haha Which you cant get here! To bad I dont drink soda, but the elders loved it! It was fun to be around and meet more sisters too! We are slowly repopulating and there are more and more! I love it! and it was great to see President and SIster Rasmussen! They are such incredible people and would do anything for me and asked about my family  and Marana and everything! But thank you for the packages- I really appreciate it! 
This week not gonna lie, not the best week for numbers, but a needed week for sure! This week I learned it is all about your attitude! This week I decided to have a positive and fun attitude in the worst situations and it really works! If you tell yourself you love knocking doors in the pouring rain and ice cold wind, then you love it (ps in our mission when you knock in the rain which is like every day, your husband gets better looking so not bad- were willing ), if you tell yourself you love your companion no matter what she says or does, then you love her and have a better time. It is all about the attitude. and it definitly helped this week because everyone of our lessons got flogged this week. Such a bummer and very frustraing, but once again it is all about your attitude. So we didnt teach any lessons this week really. But found some really solid potentials and allowed us to focus on improving our finding skills and as we did, we did much better and could see our hard work pay off. I know the lord prepares his children to hear this message, and we are going to find them as we rely on the spirit. I love talking to people on the street, everyone has a different story and life and just such neat people. Well most people. This week we got yelled at pretty good by a man at this door saying to never come round and that we ruined his day, and that we are prisoners of faith. Others beleive we are sales women, or are there to show them around a house that they are standing by. haha Just laugh it off, it makes a good story in your journal (Ps dad, I made a goal to write everyday because I know you did and so far so good thank you for your example). Amy I wish you taught me polish before I left, the elders are teaching 3 polish people and they speak about 10 words of english and through rough translation are still able to bring the spirit. I said I would talk to you flying over to help teach them :) 
I also got to teach YW on sunday and such a fun day- we even went out and sat in the sun becuase it never shines here except that day. It was fun to get to know them and talk with them. 
Today was fun- I got to choose what to do today on Pday for my bday so I chose to go to Glaucster Cathedral and a festival there in glaucster. The Cathedral is were the filmed parts of the Harry Potter Movie and they look just like the movie! I went to Hogwarts today! So crazy it was just like the movie!  It was soooo coool and I cant wait to go back again and take more pictures- its cost £3 (pounds) to take pictures and it is the end of the month so all of us missionaries are broke and have no money from our missionary funds! But then we went to the festival down by the dock and saw all these old ships and they had music and food and old english stuff. It was really fun! But all is well! Love you all and hope summer is fun! Naes congrats on your award- my comp is so proud of you! Love you all and have a great week 
w9 Sister Wengert

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