Monday, July 29, 2013

A new member of the Cheltenham Family!

Hello everyone and thank you for the emails! My TyTy and Levi are ADORABLE! Soooo cute! I was showing everyone! Everyone sounds Great and Dally you sound even funnier than before, imagine that! Mom you will be the BEST seminary teacher and I would love to be in your class even at 6:30 in the morning! DADDY happy Birthday Your birthday card is probably gonna be a bit late but its a coming!! I love you and thanks for being lierally the MAN! You may be getting up there but you still got it papa Steve!
 Hate to say it but the sunshine streak came to an end....I have been trying to tell her his is not normal, and that it rained all day everyday the first 2 months I was here, and that it would come, but nope she prayed for rain. And let me remind you that God answers all prayers and we got it! She was loving it- biking in the Rain and we got soaked! Oh yeah- we are officially on BIKES and it is sooo much better! I love my bike- Me and Bulseye ride like the Wind haha! But it is so much better and have been waiting to ride since day one, my Pigue (Bum) is not to happy and my hair is NEVER done anymore and I always have helmet head but I love it! The first day was a bit crazy because I had to figure out English driving and the roads are a bit dodgy but I Got it down pact and I lead us like a champ, you would Think I was a English chap not some Foreigner! But the Elders took such good care of us and helped us pick out our bikes and made sure we got a good deal on them, mine is Black with a sweet white design on it! We are rocking it and get more done in a day which is even better and you better beleive we look good as our skirts are flying everywhere (I love bike shorts underneath = lifesaver), backpacks, and helmets! It is a bit tricky riding and pulling your skirt out of the spokes, but hey we pray each time we leave, no Fear! (D&C6:36) Love it! 
This week was really good! We did a lot of service for some ward members this week which I love and dont worr dad, I show them how Wengert's work- just like the old days of cleaning Ditches. But we saw Derek 1 (not Derek2000) haha and taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ but he hasnt come to church yet so we decided we wernt leaving until we had a committment for Church! He is warming up so much more to us- love this guy to death. We left with a somewhat Ill see how I feel at 9:30 am! Well we decided to fast later that week for Derek to come to church. We had done this before and sadly he didnt show but this time we fasted and prayed that he would not be able to sleep in (the lord answers all missionaries prayers) Sunday rolls around, we are waiting outside as it is starting to rain, praying in my heart, no Pleading! (We had to cut his Baptismal date- because no church yet) We called him at 9:47 and he answers and says "Sista's Im on my way see you in 5" I just about did a toetouch in the car park of the church... I knew he would come. The power of fasting is undeniable (right Dally man)! He rolls up in his smart trousers and suit and a smile on his faceThis week was full of miracles and this was a huge step for Derek 1! The Lord truely answers ALL prayers of the missionaries. One thing I have really come to learn out here is that this work is so much beyond us. It is truely the Lord's work and we are his literal hands doing the work. Such a privelage! We also had our 9 year old invesitigator at church- it is here 4th sunday in a row. We are going to get her on a date this week for sure! Im really excited to teach her!
This week we also taught Theo our other African, we are next sending the misisonires to his family living in London that he goes back to ever weekend! He is the hardest person I have ever taught, but learn so much from this man and his incredible faith. He would literally cut off his arm if he felt the lord wanted him to do. We also have officially started a sports night here in Cheltenham, it was a ward members idea and than passed it onto me so we thought we would start small and get bigger. We all showed up (Like 5 members and 2 non members) and started playing football (American Soccer), there was this lady and man sitting down on the grass and she came over and started talking with us and asking what we were doing. She explained that she is working with a local youth outreach program and that they play and do different activites every wednesday same time as us. I explained who we were and asked if we could maybe combine. With in the next 20 minutes we had about 25 people playing all together, and the numbers should grow each week. It is a really good way to get our name out there and introduce the church to some non members. Im really excited to see where this goes, and this wednesday should be even bigger! It was a real success.
This week we did a lot of cycling and going to Less Acitves that the Bishop had split up and given each companionship. Of course we hit some serious rain, but hey got to love it! This week was also Elder Wiser ( a new missionar) He just turned 19 and Elder Kerr's (21) Birthday! Elder Kerr goes home next wednesday, he has been here since day one with me..Im gonna miss him big time, but us sisters of course spoiled them by making cupcakes and Gluten free Bisquits (cookies) for Elder Wiser (Ciliac)! We finally also got Sister Andersen into a Doctor in Wales, so we roadtriped it up with the Elders to get her ankle looked @. She hurt her ligament and need to take it easy but Bikes are still an option, but Im just playing Doctor and making sure she takes it a bit easy every now and then, but she is tough for sure! This week Devin would be proud I ate just like an African! Mama Chesters in our ward from Botswana (the lady in the last picture I sent last wee) fed us and she insisted we eat chicken and corn meal and it all with our hands. ha I love it! 
We also had a YM/YW Activity- A water fight and they wanted us to all come, so of course we accepted! We got soaked but the Cheltenham ward is seriously the Best! Such a fun evening! But I love being a missionary! I love the hard moments (well mostly after the are over) and the good moments, this week is going to be a great one! I have the funkiest missionary tan lines on my feet from my flats, love wearing my backpack and cruising on Bullseye, and sharing the gospel! I miss you all so much, and love hearing Everything that is going on! I love you all- Thank you for being great! Tara I cant wait to hear what your having and you to Amy! Any names?? Tara if you have a girl you can finally start using your girl clothes you have been stashing! Love you all have a great week! Dallin your doing great at your program- I want to see a video of this new and improved Dally Man! Hook a sister up! Love you all Cheerio!
w9 Sister Wengert

ps.. Ty and Alexia Whaaattttt hahaha Crazy! That is awesome!

Monday, July 22, 2013


The Sun does actually exist here....I have been trying to convince sister Andersen that it really does rain every day here in England, well appartanly she brought the sunshine because this is the 1st week in the 3.75 months I have been out that it has not rained this week! You are right Miracles do happen! I told her the 2 months here It rained every single day, hey if she brings the sunshine, she can stay forever with me! But such a great week! This week we had some serious success- 6 New investigators!! This is all so different to me because when I first got to Cheltenham, we did finding pretty much all day every day, got flogged, and did some more finding! haha It is so exciting to finally see our hard work of finding pay off and we are teaching more and more and watching our teaching pool grow. Our area is a fairly new opened up area and we are the 3 set of new sisters in here, so it is so neat to watch this area grow! Cheltenham B is stepping it up!! and Dad no worries- we have the Lord on our side, we are untochable...well kinda of, but dont worry we are safe and smart and plus we have an Aussie Elder in our district who is huge and has our back against the "lads" haha they are actually called Chaves here but your catching onto the Lingo and Im quite impressed, mom you even used dodgy! But dont worry dad we are safe and smart! 

DERY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby 19 year old Brother! I sent you a sweet package so make sure you keep your eyes open! You have to promise to wear it! This week we are officially getting on Bikes! It has been pretty hard to find good quality used bikes, because bikes get stolen here pretty quickly in the posh parts of town, but I think we are giving in and just going to buy new bikes and get a really good lock! But I am excited to finally get on a bike after watiting and walking for so long- we can double time everything!
Our investigators (new and old) are progressing slowly but surely! Derek 1 we like to call him is slowing a bit, we just got to get him to church, Derek 2, the other African guy from Ghana we have an app hopefully for this week, he is way solid and we are so excited to teach him as well. Theo is doing great as well, we taught him the plan of Salvation and were super bold and for the first time since we have taught him, we actually got through a whole lesson of just us teaching him, he is a talker and was a black preacher...put two and two togther. Lets just say our shortest lesson was an hour! He is very frustraing to teach and probably the hardest person I have taught so far, but were taking baby steps and learning to love this old African man so much. He always calls us his sisters and tells us he loves us and sends us on our way....speaking of babies?? What is everyone having? Who is thinking of Hyrum?? Boys girls? Just becuase I am 11000 Km away and derek 6000...haha But so excited!! What are the due dates?? Such cute prego ladies! I want to see pictures!!
So on Friday we had just started to do weekly planning and was literally in the middle of praying for our investigators and to specifically get in contact with some when our ghetto Nokia phone with no texting goes off....and it was Swabyil (Sobneil), a potential we met a while back who was way solid. He is from India and in his cute litle indian accent said can you come teach me in 40 minutes!! I almost dropped the phone...we then called the enire ward to get someone to come teaching with us and the last person on the list said yes! We literall ran to his home and walked into his flat, we sat India style on the floor and begin How to begin teaching. Turns out he is Hindu and has no clue who Jesus Christ is. It was such a spiritual experience to testifty about who our brother Jesus Christ is to him and the spirit was so strong! He also got married 6 months ago and his wife wants to listen as well. The Spirit was so strong, and probably the highlight of the week, this was the first time I had ever taught someone how Jesus Christ was. Also, on saturday, we were finishing weekly planning when we get a text message. As popular and cool as we are, when we get texts they are usually a text saying someone can't make an appointment or that we need to teach a class at church, but it was a random number and it said that this person had taken a look at the mormon,org website card that we had given to him and he wants more inforamation. This is the first time ever, anyone has contacted  us because of the card! We are so excited to teach him more. Miracles are so real and are around each one of us every day! We are also starting to teach a 9 year old girl named Shakira. Her older sister and dad had been baptised about 4 years ago but are both Less Active. Shania, the older sister is slowly coming back to church and we have starting teaching the lessons to both Shania and Shakira. It is so different teaching a 9 year old, I didnt think you could teach the gospel more basic than to a person who speaks basically no english like most of our investigators, but you can. There is such a swheet spirit with here and as she proudly carries her Children picture Book of Mormon around with her as she attends church. We are being so blessed as the Lord is putting more and more people that are prepared to hear the gospel in our path. 
Grandma thank you so much for the package. We went to Birmingham again this week for a follow trainers meeting and low and behold Grandma is always pulling through: Fig Newtons and muffin Mix! I love my life! Funy story about that muffin mix, I had gotten a package from Aunt Lisa the week before with the same mix. I mixed it up one day to make muffins for district meeting and somhow while converting the measurments and talking on the phone with an investigaor and my companion, I somehow added to much ML of water and they were reunind- I felt so dumb and so bummed...Grandma & Grandpa you pulled through and were an answer to our prayers! Muffins for all (well 6 muffins to split) haha but thank you so much!
This week has been so great and it only gets better from here. I Love being a missionary! Training is going really good, we are so busy, and thank goodness sis Andersen doesnt need much training. It is a bit harder than I thought it would be, but im learning more each day! Mom- a tip top is like an ice lolly or in America a popsicle! haha Amy and Dally im so glad you have Retha and Dolly again! Jordan- You are so cute im glad you had a great Birthday! Naes- You are such a babe too! Take is easy my sisters! Tan- did you have fun working with grandpa? Sounds like you worked hard! Good job :) Thank you for all you do for me! I dont know what I would do with out each one of you! Summer sounds like so much fun with everyone down in Marana! Love you all, have  a great week, Derek have a fiesta for your birthday, and be safe!
W9 Sister Wengert
Dad you asked for more asked for it!

Monday, July 8, 2013


Dallin...Your joking...Your not really home are you! MIRACLES are sooooo real.... afterall, there are no coincedences in missionary work! Only miracles, appartantly it is the same for everything! But your shirt looks so good on you Dally and you look so good! Each email it gets harder and harder to beleive everything because Dallin is out and eating Mexican Food, which I Miss SO much, so thanks for rubbing that in! But the power of prayer is unreal, and My testimony has grown so much this last month. I truely know that the Lord gives you trials and expereinces at certain times in our life becuase he knows the end effect and how it will effect us. I have never grown so much these past 2 months. It reminds me of the quote from Elder Holland... " Some blessings come soon, some come late, some dont come till heaven, but for those who except the gospel they come. There is help and happiness ahead"

This week has been Insane! haha Probably the craziest week of my entire mission! Stressful, but good. Sister Andersen is doing really good growing heaps. She is still on crutches but her foot is slowly getting better. But still no bikes, but soon hopefully! She is from Loveland by the way dad! She is 19 and doing great!
But this week was crazy- this week I taught the most lessons I have ever taught. I taught as many lessons this week than I have probably in the 1st month of my mission. It is crazy because this part of missionary work, finding and then teaching, I didnt do much of, so i dont always know what to do in alot of situations, but we figure it out together, us and the spirit..cant go wrong! We are still working with Derek from Zambia and taught a couple of really solid lessons to him, we just got to get him to church. He says it is too early (10 am) I forget not everone wakes up at 6:30 daily! haha but we will get him! We also have another pretty solid Investigator named Theo from Kenya and we teach him in a construction hot boxcar haha, but somehow the spirit is still there. I love teaching the restored gospel and each lesson is better and better together. Missionary work is the greast thing we can be doing, and Im privelged to be aprart of it especially at this time with the changes and push of missionaries! 
The best part of this week was church though. So we are still working with Shania the Less Active and we went and visited her and she loved it and is warming up to us more and more, half way through her 2 younger siblings came in and started listining. We invitied them to church! Shania ended up not coming, but her 2 younger siblings loved primary and I played the Piano again, its basically my calling now :) But the spirit is so strong as these cute little kids sing there hearts out. Then got to teach a primary class with one of the siblings in it (Asten and Shakira) haha yes her name is Shakira! but they cant wait to come back next week! But Busy busy week, app after app! The best feeling ever! This week should be pretty busy and we are going to wales Friday and Saturday for exchanges with the ZL sisters! 
We also celebrated the 4th of july- the Zone leaders called us and said grab matches and your cameras and meet us downstairs in 3! They bought sparklers and us Americans and one Aussie sang the national anthem! haha the best!
We also had a primary stake activity this saturday where us missionaries acted out some scriptures stories- my district did the tree of life. Costumes and everything! The kids loved it and it was pretty sweet and we rocked our outfits! haha 
THANK YOU for the package. Made my day and it didnt even get stolen, another miracles because it was sent to my flat! (its usually safer to sent to the mission home) but It made a rough day the Best day! Thank you and the Elders loved the sour straws! But thank you so much! Have fun at the Wengert reunion, im sure that will be good and eat green chili for me! Side note, Most things are probably spelled wrong, its the UK in me, they spell everything differently, im sorry if you cant read, I can no longer spell. I love you all- Dally man stay strong and rep your shirt with pride! I love being a missionary and yes dad, if missionary work is like digging ditches, Ill dig all day long. 
Tala love...
Sister Wengert
PS I saw Sis Gardner at the mission home! :) the Best to see something or someone from home!

Monday, July 1, 2013

England :)

Hello everybody- its officially im officially training. I got my new missionary on wednesday! We all went to the mission home on wednesday, it was the biggest transfer in mission history so far! It was so fun to see a glimpse of everyone and find out were everyone is going! But anyway,  She is from Colorado and is 19 years old, fresh out of the MTC! Her name is Sister Andersen and she is great! She is outgoing and ready to work, one small thing- she tore her tendons in her ankle 2 days before I got her so she is crutches haha but she is prett quick on them! But she is tough and great! We just use the Zone leaders and members to truck us all around! haha not bad but she is miracluosly healing quick and want to be on bikes soon, which I cant wait for!! Get lots done and faster! But we are working with it and doing good, she is so tough and doesnt let her stop it and it has actually been quite the conversation starter! So bonus points for us! haha But really good week, we have a new guy on a Baptismal date: His name is Derek :) and he is from Zambia!! haha He is pretty solid and the spirit is so strong in his lessons, and asks us for more to read in the BOM. We will be teaching him on Wednesday and then church sunday, but he now is a progressing investigator- my first "progressing" investigator in the mission so far! But he is doing really good and his name is Derek- I think of Elder Wengert every time I teach him! 
This is saturday we also had a ward BBQ, such a fun night, some serious vollyball and good food- and the best part it didnt even rain (miracle)! But anyway I really wanted some less actives there and we have been trying to be focused on a 14 year old girl named Shania who got baptised a couple years ago. We kept visiting her and then got her to come to the BBQ and then wanted to come to church the next day and she brought her 2 friends as well, and should be teaching and seeing all of them this week! Miracles are real! We also finally had Srikenph come to church, he left early as he fell asleep next to me but he went! but ya good sunday :) and My comp is way fun and defintily have some good stories all ready! But sorry it is a bit short this week but training is good- different and a bit hard and nerve racking, but all you can do is rely on the spirit to help you. Lots of prayer and relying on the spirit! But our new district has 2 brand new missionaries, but its going good! Much different than our past district but it is good. I shared Uncle Kenny's expereience giving dallin a Blessing and the elders loved it, thought it was so cool, so thank you for sharing that with me! Hope home is getting good! Mom I dont think I got your email- I got Dad's so it seems like Dallin is at home now? But im sure the lord is continuing to bless our family, every day! 
Derek, Argentina sounds legit! I loved your baptismal font and that is crazy how you have to fill up the entire font- makes me grateful to be in England! But training is good, and im so grateful to be in Celtenham, right were I belong! Hope everyone has a great week! All is well...All is well. 
W9 Sister Wengert