Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome to the World Baby Clay Wengert!

CONGRATS Amy! Thats funny, I was just telling my comapion I felt like one day I was going to open my email and say hey i have another nephew! That is so exciting and he is so handsom, takes after his daddy! Hope you feeling better Amy! I bet Dally is the best dad and changes all the napies (diapers) haha. Man UofA is tearing is up! I like to rub it in to the elders a lot here and they are suprised i know my stuff about UofA, haha So thanks for the updates, it makes me sound cooler! Derek you are the man, keep up the good work, the asian spanish missionary sounds like a fun exchanges! I always love exchanges and working with other missionaries, you always learn so much!
This has been a good week of finding and searching for the Lords elect in the Lords vineard! This week we found another muslim man who comes from Tajikistan who we taught in the coffee shop, there are many muslims around here England, and there is even a place called Normanton, if I could imagine what Iraq or those other countries, I imagine it looks familiar, but most muslims are not interested in us teaching them, and he was the 1st person we stopped that day as well. He told us he wants us to be his "sisters" and tell us all. We had many DA's this week, and ate some authentic peruivan food including a fig and prune pudding, and some pork rynes haha! But I love being with the members, and this next week we as a district are starting to go to each family and help them to create there Family mission plan, just for their family.It is exciting and we set up a system and a way for us to track it all and as us missionaries rotate Dinner apps, they will report back and we will work with the families to do more missionary work hoefuly! You should all set up a family mission plan: we are focusing on making it for them, wheather there plan is to give out 4 Book of Mormons in 6 months, or introduce a friend to the missionaries, or invite them to church, something they feel as a family will stretch them to do missionary work but also realistic! We are excited to see what happens with it and we know it will strengthen the ward!
Also I had a pretty incredible miracle sunday night, we were eating Dinner and all of a sudden the phone rang. I have been working to set up driving lessons to work towards taking the test to get my full british liscense. It is expensive and a lot of work and a tough test, so lessons are needed! But I was looking online for a good reasonably priced instructor that would be willing to do it in an automatic car, mission vehicles are all automatic. But had no luck with that, so I goodles some automatic instructors in derby and about 30 came up. There was one that I instantly looked to: it was a private owned company, but I felt that despite the price being a bit higher than others to go ahead and do this one, so I called the lady, no answer, so i left a message. I said if she didnt call back by tonight, I Would try some others. No call back, but We had no time to call others, so i just put it off till Monday. Sunday evening I got that call and it was Mandy Jackson the driving instructor, we talked a bit about lessons and explained to her that I was a missionary from my church and why I was doing it, and that all explained my accent to her as well. But she asks if its the church of jesus Christ and I asked if she knew about it and ends up that she did lessons with an Elder and they ended up teaching her, and she was preparing to be baptised! Ends up that they stopped coming around for one reason or another, and she never found out why! But she was all for the church and loved going and attending the activities too. I have a lesson on Tuesday morning, and am excited to talk to her about it more! It was a reminder to me that the lords hand is in Everything, even driving lessons!
Also another miracle! So for New years we had to be in by 6, some crazy things around, just better to be in, but we came back and sis peronnt made us crepes, and we got to watch 17 miracles! It was a good time, and fun to just relax a bit! Derek you were out till 11:45! I dont think I could even stay up that late anymore haha! But the next day the streets were EMPTY! literraly I think we talked wtih 10 people that day. That evening we were finding and still nobody was outside, it was tipping rain, and nobody out, we just kept walking around, and looking for people to actuallly talked to, We finally found a few, but after an hour and a half in the rain we headed back towards our flat, as we were hurrying home to change out of our soaked clothes and into dry ones, we saw one more person down the street, we kept going, but as we kept walking we felt that we should turn back and talk to him! Turns out Taz has had a rough life, he was a bit drunk as most of England is on New Years day, but we testified of the Plan of Salvation and he beleived us when we said it was no coincidence we met him on the street in the rain tonight. He lives with his girlfiriend and we are going to go around and see him again. As we walked home, I felt a bit dryer and not so soaking wet, and a happiness I cant explain. Hew would ever imagine I would love working in the rain so much!
Hey I also Finally got my MRI results back and all good news, he did say I have something called adhesive capusalitis or something and that is why my shoulder is still not 100% but he said it should heal just fine on its own, and he may do some Physio therapy in 2 weeks if he thinks it may help! So all is well and Im back in the game!
We are also working with a recent convert Tabitha to get her family history started, she is from Zimbabwe and its very confusing and difficult but its been fun to work with her, with the little info we know about it and see how much happiness it brings her! She says it makes her so happy inside, I cant beleive Tan will be able to do those names you found in family history soon! Size 11 shoes- Tan you are the Man!
But another good week and another good week to come! its 2014 and Ive been thinking alot about this past year, its been a year of learning and growth, and part of it was spent on my mission, which will always be special to me, but Im excited for the new days to come! New years is always a time to change and become better, so im excited to see what the lord has instore for me to become better! Love you all, and welcome to the world Baby Clay! Hope your doing good Grandpa and Also Ted with your eye! Hope your new home is nice Elder haha I just typed in Elder hahaha Man...Uncle Kenny! Tara when are you due?  Ted? Make it a great week!
W9 Sister Wengert