Monday, June 10, 2013


Hello Again! Dally YOU are the Man! I am so proud of all your achomplishments this week! Devin- you are also the Man! I am so proud of you graduating! I know that was rough, but it is allready over and you did It! I knew you could do it! Mom thank you for the emails and from everyone else! England is great! It only rained Once this week, probably a record, so you cant complain! We didnt have great numbers this week, but overall a great week! 
PS HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANAE!!!!! You are the best and I am so proud to call you my sister! Do something super fun!
So were is everyone- mom your at the hospital, is dad at home? I am so proud of my family! I am so blessed to be a Wengert! Us Wengert's are tough, and we dont give up! Dally, obviously you know this- keep up your hard work! Mom- were can I send post to Dallin? To Tara's home? All the support I read from your email is incredible! It feels so good to know that my family is being taken care of when I am so far away from home, and so much support from here in England. Mom, Emma Mulligan wrote on FB and she said she talked to you! She has been such a huge help to me and I love her so much! How was the Dirty dash, remeber and when Me, Tara, and Mellisa did it! haha so fu!
But this week was a good one! Taught some lessons, found some solid people, had some fun practical jokes on the Elders, found £5 on the ground! Good week! We taught Mark this week- the one on the baptismal date! So he was a bit late and as he walked up to the church were we were teaching, he had a friend with him! He wants to learn as well! So we brought them both in and taught (for my first time on the mission) the plan of salvation. The spirit was strong and Mark loves the Book of Mormon. We got one in Urudu for him and am working on getting a Tilugu (India) one for his friend name Srikenph "Shri-Kon". After we taught him, he accepted to learn more so were excited to teach them both and help them both prepare for baptism together! They unfourtunaly did not show up to church this Sunday, so we have lots to teach still, but there coming along. We teach very simply because they dont speak really good english, but its getting easier and easier each time!
We also tracted into this lady named Sophie, she has some interesting beleifs but wanted us to come back and meet her daughter. We came back and had tea and cake with her and meet her daughter! We just casually got to know them and did a small How to begin teaching and just told them what the gospel can add to their life. They than asked us if they could come to church, I about fell out of my chair and spilled tea on me (dont worry herbal tea only). She is planning on coming next week and we have a lesson this week with her and her neat daugher Leola who also wants to come to Mutal. Such a good feeling as you walk out the door after that meeting with them. But things are going really well here, we are building our teaching pool more and more each day! and the people we are finding on the streets, tracting, and finding are solid and are slowly becoming investigators. I love missionary work and the harder I work, the happier I am. 
Also we decided one day to stop by a referral in the area we were in. We didnt know exactly which street she lived on, but really wanted to find her so we knocked all the Number 50's in that area. The first one we knocked was Definitly not Anita, but his name was Jason. He actually did 2 years of  Missionary work in Mexico, and is a theology teacher at the Ladies College down the road. He is a very deep thinker and had a really good conversation on his doorstep. We testified of the Book of Mormon and gave him one and will be seeing him later this week. The lord truely blesses you for your efforts. Missionary work is not possible without the hand of the Lord, we go two by two, but really we go 3 by 3! It would not work any other way! 
So basically all the people we are teaching- their first language is not english! We are teaching someone from Skri-Lenka, Russia, india, Kongo, Ethiopoa! It is pretty cool and almost weekly we are requesting more Book of Mormon's in different languages! We have to teach very simply, but really that is what I figured out. The gospel is so simple and that is how we should be looking at the gospel. If the Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith was a prophet, If Joseph Smith was a prophet then it is living proof that God speaks to his children today, and it goes on and on. The gospel just makes sense, and it makes me so grateful for the knowledge I have, and I love how that knowledge continues to grow more and more each day. So the Other day we meat Vicktor this Russian guy he was sitting on his steps outside listening to some music so we decided to talk to him. He spoke about 9 words of English and we plainily said we...come back.. bring you book in Russian. He nodded his head and said yes. He tried to see him a couple times and no luck, so at 8:45 one night we decided to try again and guessed his flat number (houses have usually 5 flats all in them and you have to ring each one seperatly) and he opened the door and was so excited to see us. He exchanged very few words but held up the Book of Mormon in Russian and the biggest smile hit his face! We showed him Moroni 10: 3-5 and he read it there on the steps! We expalained you read the book and pray? The more we talked the more he talked as well, this time we really had a full conversation invited him to church, and asked when we could come back. I really beleive that he understood by the gifts of tongues, he understood nothing last time and this time we were able to teach him in English. He would type a coulple words in russian and his smart phone would translate some of it and with that and the spirit I feel we were able to touch his heart. Now we just need to learn Russian before the next lesson. Hopefully the Restoration Movie is in Russian. But it was such a neat expereince and even though we dont speak the language the spirit was still there. 
We also met this potential this week. I GQ'd him on the street, he was walking down the street in Red hawaiin swim trunks, a Connittecut Jumper, and rocking Dreads all the way passed his Bum! We stopped him and talked to him for a bit, he is Orthodox and originally from Ethipoia, but we talked about the Book of Mormon and what it does for each one of us, and as we talked to this wild looking man, I tried to picture him as one of God's children, and even in his miss matched outfit and yellow teeth, this man Teddi took our message and I think it really touched him. Im really excited to teach him and hopefully his wife this week! I just love people- Every person you stop has a different story and something different! 
But ya overall really good week, The ward over here is taking such good  care of me as well as the disrict. I dont know what I would do without everyone here. I think Im starting to understand what everyone means by the people you meet on your mission will forever be apart of your life. I will never forget some of the people I have met so far and am so blessed to be in Chelteham. This is exactly were the Lord needs and wants me to be. I love this gospel, Dally keep being tough! I love you- Keep fighting everyone here in England continues to pray for you. Actually the whole world is praying for you! Spain (my comps family and ward), Sister Kelsey Hess in San Diego on the Border, My comps boyfriends mission in Ireland, the whole world is pulling for you Dallin! We love you and know you can do anything! I love you so much!
w9, Sister Wengert

PS I had to both these pictures to prove to you my narly Tan linie on my feet from my shoes! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANAE!

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