Monday, September 2, 2013

Tis the Season

Sounds like a great week! DAN IS GETTING BAPTIZED  That is the coolest thing I have ever heard! Good job, who is teaching him, do we still have sisters in the area? Tara, those pics of My Tyty and Levi were adorable. Ty is into power rangers and Levi is into One direction.....oh boy! Ive got some straightening out to do in a year!

But those pictures were so cute! Seminary sounds like fun and Jord nice backpack!! haha You look much better in me anyways! Gordon as Bishop...dang Gordy Poo! Old man is getting up there! I want to see pictures of the Cabin, how is grandpa doing?? Grandmas grave looks great as well and I bet it was fun to go on a trip just you mum dad and the three kids. Who was all there? Skyler can't email, that is crazy! Emailing is the hilight of my week! How many Wengert missionaries are there now. Teddi I loved your quote you sent me and you better believe Im repping the name. Dally good job on the train, I didnt doubt you would, and the Diamondback game sounds like fun! Medical Mirajuana in Marana....Oh Boy! Marana High School got a makeover, but not quite our football program. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD! 31 years and going strong! Thanks for your great example you set for all of us. USU lost in the last couple minutes...Shocker! We still can not finish a game! 
This week was such an awesome week! We had FHE with Shakira, Shania, and one of Shania's friend she invited and they loved it! We played all sorts of old english games and had Biscuits together. This week we got another Baptismal date. We first stopped by Shania, we picked her name off a list of LA and we stopped by and have been working with her ever since. Since then we have met Shakira her little sister who is now baptised and now Shania's friend Ellie is officially on a Baptismal date for 14 September. She is loving it! We went over to teach her and to met her mum as well and her mum actually ended up sitting in on the lesson and started asking questions about the plan of salvation and we ended up teaching her and getting a return app for both Ellie and her mum. Ellie has such a neat family and her mum is incredible. Single mum with an autistic son and lots on her plate and the gospel is perfect for her and her family. We are so excited to start teaching her more and helping her along with Ellie to get baptised. Ellie is so excited and her mum and her are reading the Book of Mormon together. We saw her and Shania and Shakira quite a bit this week. 
We did quite a bit of service as usual and got plenty more this week. I think service is one of my favourite things about a mission. We also went to Wales this week to see Sis Andersen's doctor and she has 6-8 weeks more of therapy but we dont have to go back. Wales is such a beautiful drive and always makes for some good stories. That night we also got invited by the ward to go Lasertagging with the youth. We invited our investigators and Ellie and Shania both came and loved it. It was so much fun! We drove all the way out to the middle of nowhere...almost to the Forest of Dean, and we pulled up to this huge feild and warehouse. We got these heavy laser guns and camo clothes and set up into 2 teams, had face paint and fake blood. We played capture the flag, and a bunch of organized games against each other. We played in this huge feild with broken down trees, tyres, forrests, little broken down cabins and just went at it. It was so much fun and I have never seen Ellie or Shania smile so much! It was such a good activity and so much fun! 
Saturday we were on our way to do some service from a sweet old lady in our ward, and we called our potential Jeremy, the american who just moved here. He answered and told us he had spoken with his wife and had decided to have us over for dinner and that him and his family could only learn from us. He has read the part in the Book of Mormon, Alma 32, that we gave him and we now have a return app with him and his family for dinner and a lesson on Tuesday. We are so excited, he lives pretty far from him, but he offered to even give us a ride. He is Golden and will have some great fellowshippers from the ward that are even american. 
This week was great and full of wedding dress try ons with an old lady in our ward who is centered on having us wear these dresses when we get married...and crazy Dinner appointments, lots of specail K for Breakfast and lots of good laughs. Life is great and dad you are so right. This is the season, the best season. Better than Christmas season, summer season, everything. Not the easiest season but the best season for me. This week I have had some incredible studies in the morning. The Atonement is incredible and is a part of my life each day. I am so blessed to see the hand of the lord in my life every day. He directs me and Bullseye and combined with the spirit is the only way missionary work gets done. Heavenly Father is blessing our area so much with lots of teaching and miracles each day. I dont want to leave Cheltenham, our area is finally pilling up and growing strong and it is the best to witnesses your area growing with the help and blessings of Heavenly Father. But Ellie is officially getting baptized on the 14 of September. 
Love you all, thanks for the pictures, emails, everything. We should get post from the mission home tomorrow so if you sent anything I should get it tomorrow. Hope you had a great anniversary and actually have a special date with no children. Have a great week, ps mom..I need a video of Dallin and everything at home. Congrats on Dan, That is incredible. It just shows that Heavenly Father prepares his children at certain times. We just need to be prepared for those being prepared. The lord is hastening  the work. Have a great week at school
W9 Cheerio 
Sister Wengert

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