Monday, June 17, 2013

Big News :)

Hello Lovessss....
Well Dally, im following in you and your sweet wifes footsteps...becasue I have some big news! Im gonna be a mama too! I got a call from president last night at about 9:30 and when I heard that set ring tone, and I stopped breathing- i hate that ringtone. But he asked if he could talke to me was killing me! and he said Sister Wengert I have prayed long and hard and I feel that you are to be called as a trainer. We have 15 sisters coming into the mission this transfer and 18 elders! Pretty crazy- but I have a trainers meeting this friday. Sister Obies Sanchez is going to be a grandma! But all is well all is well... missionary work is growing and growing, I love being apart of it.
Last monday we had Zone involved water balloons and Elders..think about it! but we played some intense football (American Soccer) and Ultimate Freezbee and then tuesday we all saw eachother again at Zone meeting which was sooo good! Elder Payter and Elder Kerr (ZL in our area) did a really good job planning it and focused it on unity as a zone, missionaries, and companions. We did a "bonding" activity as districts were we went around to each person in our district and said one characteristic about him or her. Our district is allready really close and are some of my best friends all ready, but it felt good to hear these things about yourself. That person had to then pick one and then each person went in front of the zone & said that characteristic, what they want to become on their mission, and one truth they know.  Sounds really cheesy but was such a cool expereince and made me think the only way this work works is because each one of us are so different. Each of us in our zone are from all over the world, The states, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Austrailia, China, and we are all put here becuase we are the missionary we are suppose to be and will reach out and be the perfect match of missionaries for that one person to accept the gospel. Our own uniquesness is what makes missionary work so incredible- being exactly who we each are, how Heavenly Father created us.
This week we got 2 new investigators named Sophie the mum and Lelola the daughter, pretty solid and we got to teach them this week. It was a really good lesson, and the first time I got to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to them, we decided to start with that lesson first. But they really enjoy the things we share and will be coming to church next sunday and Leola really wants to come to YW. We didnt get to meet with Srekon and Mark this week, crazy busy schedules and passport issues and they said they would be at church, but we waited and waited and nothing. Pretty frustrating, but we just got to keep working hard and the lord will bless us for our efforts and for keeping the faith. Getting Flogged is normal and part of missionary work, we decided we get 2 minutes to be bummed then its time to dust yourself off, put on your raincoat and go back out in the rain and work with a smile. Keep the Faith, come what may and love it right mum?? Speaking of Faith, Elder Lindsey's letter was so great, thanks for sharing that! But we found some really neat and solid pontetials, we have decided that us sisters are maybe just suppose to find here in Cheltenham, because everyone we find is solid but in the Elders areas in Cheltenham, but just keep working and the success will come. 
DAD- Hope you had a lovely fathers day! I got to play the piano in Primary  this week and the 20 kids in primary got up in sacrament to sing im so glad when daddy gets home and it reminded me of you. Thanks for being such a great example of what a dad should be; hard working, strong, everything. I could not ask for a better man in my life. Hope you had a great day and it sounds like you did, especially when dally said happy fathers day! 
This week we had an app with our Recent Convert Tania, and taught her the basics of family history, and at the end she prayed to help her to be able to get ready to go to the temple soon. It was like a proud mother of her child moment. All the hard work pays off. I love this gospel and what it does for each one of us- continually blessings. We also stopped by less actives, and got 2 return app so hopefully we will start having more people at church. But everything is going really well, every day gets better and better. 
This week I had such a good study on the Atonement- which is so inportant especially in Missionary work. In PMG it says if you want your desire to share the gospel to grow focus on the atonement and it works. The atonement is incredible and the things it does for each one of us is so special, I am so grateful and I know my saviour lives. I read a talk by my main man elder holland and he said
"This work is hard because salvation wasn't cheap....we preach the crucified Christ, who cried out to His father saying '...remove this cup from me', so don't be surprised if you and your investigator need to take a short walk to Gethsemane, then to Calvary". This work isn't supposed to be easy. Obviously Gethsemane and Calvary are sacred places where we are not worthy to walk, but if the paths we need to take weren't hard, the triumph would not be great. Salvation is the ultimate triumph. I am learning to rejoice in the trials...." I love this.
Life is great. I love being a missionary. I love you.
Dallin Im so proud of you and I can hardly sleep sundays because im so excited to read what improvments you have made next, Im so proud of you and proud to call such a hard worker and someone who will Never give up my big brother. W9 it up baby, us wingin wengerts are so blessed. Miracles after miracles, they are so real. Over here in England and in AZ. Have a great week becuase I know I will. I love you so much, dont forget someone in England loves you.
PS..I found my new love...Peanut Butter..its fatting me up but is the only thing that taste american to me! So some members loaded me up!
Sister Wengert

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