Monday, September 30, 2013

Miracles Happen

Thank you for the email and that picture made my day of Dallin and Dan! Just like the shirt says, Miracles Happen and are around us each day. I hope Dan is doing good still and it is amazing to watch the gospel change people. I hope his mother problems get easier, he will be in my prayers for sure. The Member Missionary 21 day program really is amazing isnt it and Im introducing it to the area here in derby. Nobody has every heard of it so we prayed and set up 4 solid families in the ward to start it and Im so excited to see the results becuase I know the Lord keeps his promises, I have the strongest testimony of that. Sounds like another busy week for the wengert clan! Man everyone is getting married and having babies! Im so far behind hahaha, but C'est La vie (such is life) is what Sister Pe'ronnet and I would say. Half Ten is 10:30 and I am so excited to be in Bed. Derek I think of you each time I get on my bed and think of how it took you 3 months to get  a pillow as I lay on my expensive memory foam bed, if it makes you feel better I dont have a pillow either, but memory foam is where it is at! That is so cool about your experience with the font, the best feeling ever right. That feeling is what helps me to get out of bed every morning at half six (6:30), to tract at GQ in the rain, to bike and pull my skirt out of bullseye, and to do what we do every day. That feeling is it, its unlike any feeling of happiness, but more like Joy or bliss. How many missionaries do you have in our ward now?
This week has been pretty epic not going to lie! The Lord is blessing me so much becuase he knows Im am freaking out just a bit becuase Im in charge of a huge area I know nothing about. We did loads of finding this week and hour after hour after hour of nobody even willing to listen gets tough, but I know the Lord sees us working and that helps us to press foward. We found some really cool people on the street this week: Street contacting is really the biggest part of missionary work we do here in England at least. Not as much tracting and going door to door as it used to be: Missionary work is changing to the times as well. pretty cool! But the highlight of my week was probably finding Christopher. We were walking down a busy street by the city centre and stopping random people. We had been finding for the past 3 hours and we were getting a bit frazzled becuase no luck with anyone. As we came up to Chris, it was neat how looking back now and picturing the street, Chris really was the only one that stood out to me as we walked through this huge crowd. We were prompted to stop and talk to him. Christopher is a big guy: easily  6'3 280 pounds maybe, a big guy; 32 years old. We stopped and told him about the Book of Mormon, and how God had a plan for him. He was touched and you could see with your own eyes how the spirit touched this big 6'3 guy. Chris is prepared. We set up an app on the street, his phone wasnt working and he had to go and we were only able to get his address. I have never prayed so hard for someone to remember a appoitment we set up. We went over on Friday and of course he remebered and were able to teach him the restoration and committ him to baptism! He came to a 8 year old in the wards baptism (LA family who's very once LA dad baptised him; so special) and loved it. He loves the idea of getting a fresh new clean start to his life! Sunday he wasnt able to attend church, but we taught him after and he loved the Plan of salvation and we put him on a baptismal date for the 26 October! He just keeps saying He has never been happier, and it feels weird. Ive never felt happy before he keeps saying. The gospel brings so much change into others lives and it is amazing to watch isnt it! He needs the gospel so bad in his life and I am privelaged enough to help him just a tiny bit. Chris is the man!
We also had our chinese investigator Yan there who knows it all he just says he needs more time to be baptised. He came to the baptism and we taught him that night and it probably was one of the most spirtual lessons on my mission so far. The spirit was so strong. We talked about following the saviour by being baptised and asked him to pray now with us to ask if he should be baptised soon. He started in his broken english with Dear Heavenly Fader... and goes off into Chinese and ends in english again. We sat there for a good 4 minutes and he began to pray again by himself. I was praying so hard myslef and in the end, he just said he needs more time, more time... He is moving back to China at the end of this month. It is so discouraging and sad to see when people you love so much dont accept all of the gospel. Yan is probably one of the most humble people I know, but I know the Lord;'s timing is in all things and all will work out. Just so frustrating! I love teaching him becuase we all huddle on a coach and use simple english words to teach him. Sometimes I think I have been called to Teddi's mission and should be speaking Chinese instead, one of our investigators in Chinese as well and same thing! Really good expereinces and reminds me that the gospel is so simple.
The derby ward is so special and I love them allready! We had a serious munch and mingle after church yesterday which was really fun and such great people who love their missionaries serving in their ward. Life is great, Derby is a bit crazy, but the lord watches over us. Thank you for your prayers and support, I couldnt do it without you. General Conference is going to be epic and I am so excited! I have never been this excited for GC before! We are going up to Nottingham to watch it at the stake center, we get to see all of it minus sunday afternoon due to time differences we would have to watch it at like 10 pm here. But I am so excited to take Yan and Chris and all our investigators as we all feel the spirit and listen to what heavenly father wants us to hear. Hope everyone has a great week! Mom if you need any help with seminary from us missionaries we are in! Jordy tear it up in Vollyball and Naes swim fast! Tan, you are just the man! I love you all! Keep working hard Dally and Amy, send me some cute prego pics! You to Ted! Love you all
Cheers Ducky
W9 Sister Wengert
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Derby...a whole new world! bonjour'

Hello my loves,
Thank you for the great emails things sound busy and yes a difinite week of change! I am in my new area: I am in Derby... pronouced Darby (one thing ive learned anything in england is always pronounced the opposite of what it looks like! I am in Derby near Nottingham, England with a missionary who has been out 6 weeks! Her name is Sister Peronnet and she is grom Gineva, Switzerland! She speaks some english with a very thick french accent! I am helping her learn english and she is teaching me French! Ive got about 4 phrases down so im making progress daily! Derby is HUGE! Like 6 times the size of my Area! We  sometimes have to Bus 30 minutes to a DA or appointment, and Ive never bussed before and my comp has been out 6 weeks, so its been a rough couple of days figuring things out, but were getting there! We dont bike much which im bummed about, just because we bus most places. I love bullseye and she was a bit pricey so i want to get the most use out of her, but my bum is far less sore lately! haha But everything is good. Getting a new area with a 6 week missionrary was a bit overwhelming, but we got organized this week and this week were going to get serious and start working!The ward is really great though and all willing to help in the work which makes our job so much easier! I have never had so many hugs on my first day here!
It was so hard to say goodbye to Cheltenham! It was like leaving for the Mtc all over again! It was hard to leave the area i had been working so long, but it is def in good hands! Definintly some tears shed, and so hard to say goodbye to the members. I have family there, my district, my girl, it was really hard! We had our last TGIS that night and then split for the mission home the next morning for a coach (bus) to take us to the mission home and then to get on another Coach to get to Nottingham and then to get on another train to get to Derby at 8 oclock. a Long day for sure! Our flat is quite nice and I finally got a memory foam mattress for my bed! I have never been happier to be in bed at half ten!
Cheltenaham will always be one of my favourite areas; so many good things and went through so much learning an growth, but im excited to expereince even more in a different area! Our area is doing pretty well- we spent mostly this week getting things organized and ready to see how we are going to work this area. Derby is a gold mine for finding. Filled with heaps of African and chinese people!
We are teaching a man named Yan Wu from Singapore China! He speaks very little english and it is incredible teaching him. we watched the Restoration in Chinese the other day, and not exaclty how i pictured joseph smith speaking chinese, but the spirit is so strong as we huddle closely together as he whispers in broken english. I kind of felt like Teddi teaching in Hong kong for a few minutes! He knows it is all true, he just says he needs more time to be baptised. We also taught a lady named Jackie who is from Tucson AZ haha pretty crazy! She loves God so much and wants to do what is right, love that lady allready! We also have a baptismal date for the 12 for a boy named Jack. Such a sweet little boy with some challanges but he is excited to be baptised before he turns 10! We have some good investigators, but im excited to go finding here. Even though the lady next to me just accused me of being evil, yelled at me and then refused to sit next to me. I know there are people being prepared for me here and im going to find them!
Dallin, that is incredible you are baptising Dan, you are the man! I love you and am so proud of our progress. Mum, I would love to be in your lessons! You are incredible. Sorry its short, you have to literally maul someone to get a computer here. I am good, I am safe, and I am happy.
The Church is true.
Love you all
W9 Sister wengert
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Lovely Jubely

Hello my loves!
The best week of emails! Me and my district watched that video about three times. haha hilarious, im glad derek is still remembered. we loved it! Everyone kept saying Dallin is the man, dallin is the man! So true, Dally you look and sound so good! congrats on the news from slime man! We love slim man! Keep working hard and you and Amy's home looks so good! Amy your looking good rocking that baby bumb! How far along are you and is everyone having boys?? Looking good everyone and tara; i loved those pictures, especially the one of levi fishing! Any names for the new boys yet?? That is awesome about dan! So cool how the lord prepares people only at certin times. The Field is white allready to harvest and the lord is hastening the work.
This week was another good week; looking back I never have bad weeks here across the pond! This week was full of dinner appointments, lessons, Less actives and Recent Converts, some new investigators, lots of rain, and lots of service! Monday we had FHE as usual with my favourite families: the Lontermans! Jordan One of their daughters Beatrix added you on Facebook, but you havent added her yet! They are the best! Suzie, Charlotte, and Beatrix! They have truely become my family here. It is incredible, and one of my favourite things as a missionary is how much people mean to you on your mission. I would do anything for this family and the same for me! I am actually starting to teach piano lessons to Charlotte this week. They were baptised about a  year ago and are progressing so well. I learn something new each time I go over there.
Tuesday we had dinner and a lesson with Jeremy and his family. It went really well, much different than we expected, but really good! We talked all about the Book of mormon and he has been reading and praying all ready! We meet his wife rachel and his 2 kids Christian and Ella. He is in special forces and has lived all over the world and done some incredible things. He tells the best stories. With their family they told us to be patient with them, and that they love having us over and they can only continue to learn from us which is good, but I think eventually we will get more committment from them and help them to progress. They are one of the nicest families and they told us they are welcome to anything and to know they have a family that would do anything for us. They even sent us away with a thing of Cruntchy Skippy Peanut Butter! That is true love. (since he is in the military, he gets food off the base) But we are going over for dinner again this week which is exciting! We love this family so much allready!
This week we didnt see Ellie who was scheduled to be baptised this saturday until saturday. We were a bit nervous about her date, but when we met with her she was so ready and solid. She loves church and the Book of mormon and even said that her and Shania (her friend- Shakira's (RC) older sister) wanted to serve missions! Sunday morning rolls around and we get a radom text from her saying her mum wants to push back  her baptism a couple months. We talked to her and then called her mum- Ellie was so worried. Overall Ellie is not gettin baptised this saturday :( her mum is totally fine and supportive, it is her dad who is divorced from the mum that has a problem with it now. Pretty bummed, but im sure within time it will all work out. The Lords timing is always right, but usually not in the same idea as my timing. We are still working with her lots, we have FHE with her Shania and Shakira tonight were Im teaching them dont eat pete!! It will all work out.
We are also still working with some Less Actives this week: we are working with a LA women and now starting to teach her two boys and also working with Mel and John who were married and the wife was just baptised a couple months ago but is becoming less active due to some hard situations. She has the cutest  girls I have ever seen. When we come over the tea sets and barbies, and games all come out and they love having us around. We were so excited because we finally got them to come to church, but someone got sick and didnt make it, but we are making progress with them and love their sweet family!
We did a lot of service this week which is one of my favourite parts of a mission as well. Reminds me of all of the man jobs dad use to give me. We cleaned out tons of rubbish from a Less actives electric cuboard who is planning on moving, picked apples and cut down trees with the elders at this sweet 97 year old mans house. Picked blackberries and did some gardening for Mama Chesters, and some other small things. Not only do I love being in trousers and not a skirt but I love serving other people in the small things we do and seeing how much it means to them.
This was pretty crazy, we went to a Dinner app at Mama Chesters and she was busy cooking away as usual making some African stew and polenta and we were helping set the table. She tells us she is feeling a bit hot and wanted to sit down. Mama Chesters had a stroke 7 years ago and only has movement on one side of her body but still does it all. She is the women. She sits down in the chair and all of a sudden she says she doenst feel good. She starts passing in and out of conscouisness and starts breathing hard and huffing. Me and sister Andersen crowd around her and start talking with her and the elders called 999 and an ambulance came to check her out. She was burning up and started throwing up as well, it was so scary and all happened so fast. Us missionaries could only pray and watch helplessly. She insisted on a priesthood blessing and as soon as she was givin it she started to livin up and return back to herself. As they were taking her out she yelled "sister wengert, cut up the polenta and serve the stew. Get some drinks out and start blessing it and serving it. Sis wengert, you know what to do..." It was the best and eventually she got out of the hospital and was ok, just low blood pressure and she should be ok! But I am so grateful to have the priesthood in my life, and to watch the effects and miracles all around me because of it.
This next week should be finding finding and more finding! We need some new investigators! I love reading dereks emails and comparing them to mine. They are such different kinds of people but I wouldnt change that for a thing! I love the people here, i love the rain (well thats a bit much but im learning to love it), and love being  a missionary here!
Dad I cant wait to take a look at that book! It must have some pretty inspirational stuff in it! This was pretty random...President called me the other day and told me to start working on getting my british Liscense! haha Transfers end this next wednesday and Im anxious to find out where Im going and doing! I have been in Cheltenham for 6 months...My time is ending im sure! Pretty scary but also exciting! I will keep Clark in my prayers, pretty incredible that he is alive! The priesthood and miracles are so real! Thank you for the packages! I am so spoiled out here for sure! I am probably going to be moving areas soon, so its best if anyone sends anything to just do it to the mission home! Thanks for everything! Grandma, the fig newtons where in perfect condition! This week is going to be good! I cant wait to find those ready to hear the word, one thing I love about finding is that every person we get a prompting to talk with has some tie to the church. Whether it was the BOM musical, they have seen us before, or has  a friend who is a member, they all have something that connects them to the church. It is so inportant to be that example or tie to that person who is not a member and Im proud to have a family who does that very thing! I love you all and Derek you rocking that skinny tie! I love being a missionary and doing what Im doing! Mum, share anything you want of mine! PS the specail K boxes are all the boxes of cereal we have eaten together! haha embaressing eh! Sometimes Special K is the only thing to get you out of bed in the morning! You are all the best! Have a lovely jubely week!
W9 Sister Wengert

Monday, September 2, 2013

Tis the Season

Sounds like a great week! DAN IS GETTING BAPTIZED  That is the coolest thing I have ever heard! Good job, who is teaching him, do we still have sisters in the area? Tara, those pics of My Tyty and Levi were adorable. Ty is into power rangers and Levi is into One direction.....oh boy! Ive got some straightening out to do in a year!

But those pictures were so cute! Seminary sounds like fun and Jord nice backpack!! haha You look much better in me anyways! Gordon as Bishop...dang Gordy Poo! Old man is getting up there! I want to see pictures of the Cabin, how is grandpa doing?? Grandmas grave looks great as well and I bet it was fun to go on a trip just you mum dad and the three kids. Who was all there? Skyler can't email, that is crazy! Emailing is the hilight of my week! How many Wengert missionaries are there now. Teddi I loved your quote you sent me and you better believe Im repping the name. Dally good job on the train, I didnt doubt you would, and the Diamondback game sounds like fun! Medical Mirajuana in Marana....Oh Boy! Marana High School got a makeover, but not quite our football program. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD! 31 years and going strong! Thanks for your great example you set for all of us. USU lost in the last couple minutes...Shocker! We still can not finish a game! 
This week was such an awesome week! We had FHE with Shakira, Shania, and one of Shania's friend she invited and they loved it! We played all sorts of old english games and had Biscuits together. This week we got another Baptismal date. We first stopped by Shania, we picked her name off a list of LA and we stopped by and have been working with her ever since. Since then we have met Shakira her little sister who is now baptised and now Shania's friend Ellie is officially on a Baptismal date for 14 September. She is loving it! We went over to teach her and to met her mum as well and her mum actually ended up sitting in on the lesson and started asking questions about the plan of salvation and we ended up teaching her and getting a return app for both Ellie and her mum. Ellie has such a neat family and her mum is incredible. Single mum with an autistic son and lots on her plate and the gospel is perfect for her and her family. We are so excited to start teaching her more and helping her along with Ellie to get baptised. Ellie is so excited and her mum and her are reading the Book of Mormon together. We saw her and Shania and Shakira quite a bit this week. 
We did quite a bit of service as usual and got plenty more this week. I think service is one of my favourite things about a mission. We also went to Wales this week to see Sis Andersen's doctor and she has 6-8 weeks more of therapy but we dont have to go back. Wales is such a beautiful drive and always makes for some good stories. That night we also got invited by the ward to go Lasertagging with the youth. We invited our investigators and Ellie and Shania both came and loved it. It was so much fun! We drove all the way out to the middle of nowhere...almost to the Forest of Dean, and we pulled up to this huge feild and warehouse. We got these heavy laser guns and camo clothes and set up into 2 teams, had face paint and fake blood. We played capture the flag, and a bunch of organized games against each other. We played in this huge feild with broken down trees, tyres, forrests, little broken down cabins and just went at it. It was so much fun and I have never seen Ellie or Shania smile so much! It was such a good activity and so much fun! 
Saturday we were on our way to do some service from a sweet old lady in our ward, and we called our potential Jeremy, the american who just moved here. He answered and told us he had spoken with his wife and had decided to have us over for dinner and that him and his family could only learn from us. He has read the part in the Book of Mormon, Alma 32, that we gave him and we now have a return app with him and his family for dinner and a lesson on Tuesday. We are so excited, he lives pretty far from him, but he offered to even give us a ride. He is Golden and will have some great fellowshippers from the ward that are even american. 
This week was great and full of wedding dress try ons with an old lady in our ward who is centered on having us wear these dresses when we get married...and crazy Dinner appointments, lots of specail K for Breakfast and lots of good laughs. Life is great and dad you are so right. This is the season, the best season. Better than Christmas season, summer season, everything. Not the easiest season but the best season for me. This week I have had some incredible studies in the morning. The Atonement is incredible and is a part of my life each day. I am so blessed to see the hand of the lord in my life every day. He directs me and Bullseye and combined with the spirit is the only way missionary work gets done. Heavenly Father is blessing our area so much with lots of teaching and miracles each day. I dont want to leave Cheltenham, our area is finally pilling up and growing strong and it is the best to witnesses your area growing with the help and blessings of Heavenly Father. But Ellie is officially getting baptized on the 14 of September. 
Love you all, thanks for the pictures, emails, everything. We should get post from the mission home tomorrow so if you sent anything I should get it tomorrow. Hope you had a great anniversary and actually have a special date with no children. Have a great week, ps mom..I need a video of Dallin and everything at home. Congrats on Dan, That is incredible. It just shows that Heavenly Father prepares his children at certain times. We just need to be prepared for those being prepared. The lord is hastening  the work. Have a great week at school
W9 Cheerio 
Sister Wengert