Monday, June 24, 2013

Move of Dallin and Amy

Best video ever- me and my district crowded around the screen and watched it and all freaked out because the music was sooo good! I love yellowcard- good choice! and yes please send me any more videos, that video of dally was so cute when he found out amy was pregos! I love it and love ya. Give my ty ty and Levi a kiss for me! Love ya
w9 Sister Wengert

Im gonna be a Mama on Wednesday!

Hello Family!
What a week for everyone- Dallin your email made my mission! I am so proud of you and how hard you are working, nobody stronger could do this but you. You truly are the Dally Man! But keep working hard every day- I promise to work hard everyday if you promise! Just think if your board in bed, send some post to me and Derek! Your a legend, is what everyone says here in England! We are all still praying for ya!
This week was really good, I went to my trainers meeting on Friday and it was intimidating but also humbling at the same time! We have one of the biggest transfers in the history of the mission on Wednesday 15 sisters and one will be my daughter! I am so nervous and so excited all at the same time.What do you think is the most important thing to teach your new missionary! Dad I liked what you said about being a greenie, and let me assure you i am for sure green, I still have so much to learn but the best thing for me to rely on the spirit. The lord does not set up his missionaries to fail in this work. So tonight we find out where everyone is going, "dodge night" they call it, so we should be getting calls tonight, but im pretty sure im staying here training in Cheltenham. My district leader Elder Hansen is training as well, so it will be fun to train together and its nice to know someones got my back. My district is seriously the best and dont know what I would do without them. When we watched that video Tj did, they all crowded around me and watched the video on the tiny laptop screen at the church and almost brought tears to their eyes, plus they loved the yellowcard music as well, so we watch it more often so we can hear that, but such a cool video and cant wait for part 2! They really have helped me out so much. At trainers meeting Sister Rasmussen also asked me if I wanted to see Dallys FB page, so we went into presidents office just me and her and looked at it, and it was incredible, makes me feel so good to see all the support from everyone. The lord and the gospel truely blesses families. I have a testimony of that and the power of prayer, even from all the way over thousands of miles across the ocean. 
Uncle Paul sounds so great, I would love his address to write him a letter if that is ok- just let me know! 
Last Pday we went to Glaucester Cathedral (Harry Potter) and took some pictures and then my week ended up great- one of those pictures is where jenny wrote on the wall in blood, Same Exact Wall!! but anywyas... Lots of rain and wet socks, but good week. This week we got a new investigator named Derek!! He is from Zambia, shocker not English, but he is pretty solid and we are going to teach him again tonight! Also we meet some really cool people on the street and have some really good and solid potentials, one named Theo who is allready in love with us sisters.
One small but still a miracle, The man  named Teddy from Ethiopia with long dreads we stopped by his home because his wife yelled at us on the phone to never call back, so we were going to stop by and clear things up, but we stopped by and similar thing happened, she yelled at him and us and said to never come back. We were so bummed because he was so solid- plus his name is Teddi and has dreads:) We walked away, I tried mumbling Come what may and love it in my head, but we were bummed as we crossed him and his wife of our potential list in our planners. Then about 20 minutes later, we were walking home for dinner and we saw Teddy on the same street as us walking towards us. He ran up to us and just kept saying sorry in his broken Ethiopian english! He said he was looking for us, But he said he wants to meet us somewhere else and we discussed what we could do and how to figure out things with his wife, so hopefully he will give us a call in a bit. Coincidence...No such thing in missionary work! 
I also played the piano in primary again, such a testimony strengthener each time as these sweet voices of about 20 kids sing as they pull the girls hair next to them or take off their shoes and talk in their adorable accent. The spirit is there. I was also Senior comp all week this week- my turn in 12 week program! It was different but I liked it, I planned everything, called everyone, I was head top dog! I was definitely a wingin Wengert but pulled through and it makes me excited to train starting on Wednesday! I think it will be really good for me, we will work as hard I make us work, so it puts a lot of responsibility on me and makes me work harder, I like it. But ya great week and Loved all the emails and pictures and video this week. I am so blessed, and the lord loves his missionaries and especially their families. This gospel is incredible and missionary work is the best thing I could be doing at this time, and I know I may not be next to dally's bed holding his hand as he walks, but I am in the best place to help him recover. Miracles are real. I love you all and Im anxious to introduce you to my new comp. Love you all
w9 Sister Wengert

Monday, June 17, 2013

Big News :)

Hello Lovessss....
Well Dally, im following in you and your sweet wifes footsteps...becasue I have some big news! Im gonna be a mama too! I got a call from president last night at about 9:30 and when I heard that set ring tone, and I stopped breathing- i hate that ringtone. But he asked if he could talke to me was killing me! and he said Sister Wengert I have prayed long and hard and I feel that you are to be called as a trainer. We have 15 sisters coming into the mission this transfer and 18 elders! Pretty crazy- but I have a trainers meeting this friday. Sister Obies Sanchez is going to be a grandma! But all is well all is well... missionary work is growing and growing, I love being apart of it.
Last monday we had Zone involved water balloons and Elders..think about it! but we played some intense football (American Soccer) and Ultimate Freezbee and then tuesday we all saw eachother again at Zone meeting which was sooo good! Elder Payter and Elder Kerr (ZL in our area) did a really good job planning it and focused it on unity as a zone, missionaries, and companions. We did a "bonding" activity as districts were we went around to each person in our district and said one characteristic about him or her. Our district is allready really close and are some of my best friends all ready, but it felt good to hear these things about yourself. That person had to then pick one and then each person went in front of the zone & said that characteristic, what they want to become on their mission, and one truth they know.  Sounds really cheesy but was such a cool expereince and made me think the only way this work works is because each one of us are so different. Each of us in our zone are from all over the world, The states, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Austrailia, China, and we are all put here becuase we are the missionary we are suppose to be and will reach out and be the perfect match of missionaries for that one person to accept the gospel. Our own uniquesness is what makes missionary work so incredible- being exactly who we each are, how Heavenly Father created us.
This week we got 2 new investigators named Sophie the mum and Lelola the daughter, pretty solid and we got to teach them this week. It was a really good lesson, and the first time I got to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to them, we decided to start with that lesson first. But they really enjoy the things we share and will be coming to church next sunday and Leola really wants to come to YW. We didnt get to meet with Srekon and Mark this week, crazy busy schedules and passport issues and they said they would be at church, but we waited and waited and nothing. Pretty frustrating, but we just got to keep working hard and the lord will bless us for our efforts and for keeping the faith. Getting Flogged is normal and part of missionary work, we decided we get 2 minutes to be bummed then its time to dust yourself off, put on your raincoat and go back out in the rain and work with a smile. Keep the Faith, come what may and love it right mum?? Speaking of Faith, Elder Lindsey's letter was so great, thanks for sharing that! But we found some really neat and solid pontetials, we have decided that us sisters are maybe just suppose to find here in Cheltenham, because everyone we find is solid but in the Elders areas in Cheltenham, but just keep working and the success will come. 
DAD- Hope you had a lovely fathers day! I got to play the piano in Primary  this week and the 20 kids in primary got up in sacrament to sing im so glad when daddy gets home and it reminded me of you. Thanks for being such a great example of what a dad should be; hard working, strong, everything. I could not ask for a better man in my life. Hope you had a great day and it sounds like you did, especially when dally said happy fathers day! 
This week we had an app with our Recent Convert Tania, and taught her the basics of family history, and at the end she prayed to help her to be able to get ready to go to the temple soon. It was like a proud mother of her child moment. All the hard work pays off. I love this gospel and what it does for each one of us- continually blessings. We also stopped by less actives, and got 2 return app so hopefully we will start having more people at church. But everything is going really well, every day gets better and better. 
This week I had such a good study on the Atonement- which is so inportant especially in Missionary work. In PMG it says if you want your desire to share the gospel to grow focus on the atonement and it works. The atonement is incredible and the things it does for each one of us is so special, I am so grateful and I know my saviour lives. I read a talk by my main man elder holland and he said
"This work is hard because salvation wasn't cheap....we preach the crucified Christ, who cried out to His father saying '...remove this cup from me', so don't be surprised if you and your investigator need to take a short walk to Gethsemane, then to Calvary". This work isn't supposed to be easy. Obviously Gethsemane and Calvary are sacred places where we are not worthy to walk, but if the paths we need to take weren't hard, the triumph would not be great. Salvation is the ultimate triumph. I am learning to rejoice in the trials...." I love this.
Life is great. I love being a missionary. I love you.
Dallin Im so proud of you and I can hardly sleep sundays because im so excited to read what improvments you have made next, Im so proud of you and proud to call such a hard worker and someone who will Never give up my big brother. W9 it up baby, us wingin wengerts are so blessed. Miracles after miracles, they are so real. Over here in England and in AZ. Have a great week becuase I know I will. I love you so much, dont forget someone in England loves you.
PS..I found my new love...Peanut Butter..its fatting me up but is the only thing that taste american to me! So some members loaded me up!
Sister Wengert

Monday, June 10, 2013


Hello Again! Dally YOU are the Man! I am so proud of all your achomplishments this week! Devin- you are also the Man! I am so proud of you graduating! I know that was rough, but it is allready over and you did It! I knew you could do it! Mom thank you for the emails and from everyone else! England is great! It only rained Once this week, probably a record, so you cant complain! We didnt have great numbers this week, but overall a great week! 
PS HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANAE!!!!! You are the best and I am so proud to call you my sister! Do something super fun!
So were is everyone- mom your at the hospital, is dad at home? I am so proud of my family! I am so blessed to be a Wengert! Us Wengert's are tough, and we dont give up! Dally, obviously you know this- keep up your hard work! Mom- were can I send post to Dallin? To Tara's home? All the support I read from your email is incredible! It feels so good to know that my family is being taken care of when I am so far away from home, and so much support from here in England. Mom, Emma Mulligan wrote on FB and she said she talked to you! She has been such a huge help to me and I love her so much! How was the Dirty dash, remeber and when Me, Tara, and Mellisa did it! haha so fu!
But this week was a good one! Taught some lessons, found some solid people, had some fun practical jokes on the Elders, found £5 on the ground! Good week! We taught Mark this week- the one on the baptismal date! So he was a bit late and as he walked up to the church were we were teaching, he had a friend with him! He wants to learn as well! So we brought them both in and taught (for my first time on the mission) the plan of salvation. The spirit was strong and Mark loves the Book of Mormon. We got one in Urudu for him and am working on getting a Tilugu (India) one for his friend name Srikenph "Shri-Kon". After we taught him, he accepted to learn more so were excited to teach them both and help them both prepare for baptism together! They unfourtunaly did not show up to church this Sunday, so we have lots to teach still, but there coming along. We teach very simply because they dont speak really good english, but its getting easier and easier each time!
We also tracted into this lady named Sophie, she has some interesting beleifs but wanted us to come back and meet her daughter. We came back and had tea and cake with her and meet her daughter! We just casually got to know them and did a small How to begin teaching and just told them what the gospel can add to their life. They than asked us if they could come to church, I about fell out of my chair and spilled tea on me (dont worry herbal tea only). She is planning on coming next week and we have a lesson this week with her and her neat daugher Leola who also wants to come to Mutal. Such a good feeling as you walk out the door after that meeting with them. But things are going really well here, we are building our teaching pool more and more each day! and the people we are finding on the streets, tracting, and finding are solid and are slowly becoming investigators. I love missionary work and the harder I work, the happier I am. 
Also we decided one day to stop by a referral in the area we were in. We didnt know exactly which street she lived on, but really wanted to find her so we knocked all the Number 50's in that area. The first one we knocked was Definitly not Anita, but his name was Jason. He actually did 2 years of  Missionary work in Mexico, and is a theology teacher at the Ladies College down the road. He is a very deep thinker and had a really good conversation on his doorstep. We testified of the Book of Mormon and gave him one and will be seeing him later this week. The lord truely blesses you for your efforts. Missionary work is not possible without the hand of the Lord, we go two by two, but really we go 3 by 3! It would not work any other way! 
So basically all the people we are teaching- their first language is not english! We are teaching someone from Skri-Lenka, Russia, india, Kongo, Ethiopoa! It is pretty cool and almost weekly we are requesting more Book of Mormon's in different languages! We have to teach very simply, but really that is what I figured out. The gospel is so simple and that is how we should be looking at the gospel. If the Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith was a prophet, If Joseph Smith was a prophet then it is living proof that God speaks to his children today, and it goes on and on. The gospel just makes sense, and it makes me so grateful for the knowledge I have, and I love how that knowledge continues to grow more and more each day. So the Other day we meat Vicktor this Russian guy he was sitting on his steps outside listening to some music so we decided to talk to him. He spoke about 9 words of English and we plainily said we...come back.. bring you book in Russian. He nodded his head and said yes. He tried to see him a couple times and no luck, so at 8:45 one night we decided to try again and guessed his flat number (houses have usually 5 flats all in them and you have to ring each one seperatly) and he opened the door and was so excited to see us. He exchanged very few words but held up the Book of Mormon in Russian and the biggest smile hit his face! We showed him Moroni 10: 3-5 and he read it there on the steps! We expalained you read the book and pray? The more we talked the more he talked as well, this time we really had a full conversation invited him to church, and asked when we could come back. I really beleive that he understood by the gifts of tongues, he understood nothing last time and this time we were able to teach him in English. He would type a coulple words in russian and his smart phone would translate some of it and with that and the spirit I feel we were able to touch his heart. Now we just need to learn Russian before the next lesson. Hopefully the Restoration Movie is in Russian. But it was such a neat expereince and even though we dont speak the language the spirit was still there. 
We also met this potential this week. I GQ'd him on the street, he was walking down the street in Red hawaiin swim trunks, a Connittecut Jumper, and rocking Dreads all the way passed his Bum! We stopped him and talked to him for a bit, he is Orthodox and originally from Ethipoia, but we talked about the Book of Mormon and what it does for each one of us, and as we talked to this wild looking man, I tried to picture him as one of God's children, and even in his miss matched outfit and yellow teeth, this man Teddi took our message and I think it really touched him. Im really excited to teach him and hopefully his wife this week! I just love people- Every person you stop has a different story and something different! 
But ya overall really good week, The ward over here is taking such good  care of me as well as the disrict. I dont know what I would do without everyone here. I think Im starting to understand what everyone means by the people you meet on your mission will forever be apart of your life. I will never forget some of the people I have met so far and am so blessed to be in Chelteham. This is exactly were the Lord needs and wants me to be. I love this gospel, Dally keep being tough! I love you- Keep fighting everyone here in England continues to pray for you. Actually the whole world is praying for you! Spain (my comps family and ward), Sister Kelsey Hess in San Diego on the Border, My comps boyfriends mission in Ireland, the whole world is pulling for you Dallin! We love you and know you can do anything! I love you so much!
w9, Sister Wengert

PS I had to both these pictures to prove to you my narly Tan linie on my feet from my shoes! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANAE!

Monday, June 3, 2013

England is on your Side and Praying

Hello my loves! This is he new and improved 21 year old Sister Wengert! haha just kidding- I feel old allready- well maybe that is just because I fall out to the praying position at 6:30 every morning! This week has been filled with so many ups and downs but overall a good week full of life lessons and great expereinces. Most inportantly Dallin- So many people have heard about you all the way over here in England and have fasted and are praying for you. The entire England Birmingham Mission (all 203 Missionaries) fasted for you dallin and continue to pray for you daily. There is strength and power in fasting. It made me feel so good and proud to be around such incredible and caring people here in England. That night I found out about Dallin's accident I immediatly had a Dinner appoitment and even a dessert appoitment set up for that Sunday (the next day). People were fighting over who got to feed me and Sister Obies Sanchez. Everyone was so supportive at church and said that the Wengert's are in there prayers. At the dinner app, this newly baptised 8 year old boy Samuel told me that today was his first time fasting. He got to chose what to fast for becuase he was learning about fasting for a purpose and he told me that it was his idea to fast for Dallin and Sister Wengert's family. It about broke my heart as this adorable boy told me how good he felt when he fasted even though it was hard. The power of fasting is real and just know so many people here in Cheltenham are praying for you and have added the facbook page and have looked and probably even donated to Dallin and Amy's fundraising page. The support from the missionaries, president and his wife, and the ward here is unbleievable and makes me feel so much better. I am doing great and the lord is blessing us with even more success.
 I had a great Birthday and was pretty spoiled that day-  We had district meeting that day were the Elders sang Happy Birthday to me. Then we later went to TGI-Fridays and had dinner. Of course the Elders were 35 minutes late but it was so fun to be all together and just relax, I got a cool ballon birthday hat and the elders even paid for my dinner. They really are the greatest and it is crazy how close everyone grows together. Sister Obies Sanchez also bought a birthday cake and we had carrot cake at our flat that night. They brought me a birthday card from the Elders and granola bars and said they bought these because we know you dont like to eat lots of sweets but like to eat wierd healthy things! But it meat a lot to me and I had a great day! Thank you for all the packages- everyone was quite jealous of me. Tara I loved your card and you better believe it is on my wall right next to the picture of our family at Dallins Wedding! Ty and Levi look soooo cute like usual and Ty seems to be doing really good! Thank you for the cookie- it was in about 45 little peices but it was the best 45 peieces of cookie I have eaten in a long time.Thanks so much for all the birthday packages and Grandma who knew someone could get so excited when they recieved General Conference Cd's 2012! Quite the hot wanted item around the mission so thank you! I loved it! But I had a great birthday and that night as usual we had Family Home Evening at one of my favorite families Suzie Lonterman and her two girls Beatrix and Charlotte. and Guess what game I taught them "Dont Eat Pete" and they loved it so much I have a pretty good video of it and they keep the board and said they would play it every FHE. They loved it and were so excited it was a family game we played and they want to challange us to a Dont eat Pete Marathon. They are pretty good- they cleared the whole board and ate all my Cadburry Chocolate I brought! So fun though! 
We had some pretty tough lessons this weeek. We had a lesson with a man named Steven and he tore us up pretty good. He is a philosopher, theology, like professor at a University type guy- studies plato and knows his bible well. The second we stepped into his home the spirit was immediatly thrown out the window. He started yelling about the Book of Mormon, saying we were wrong, telling us that God doesnt care about what we beleive, that we are lost and have no hope, and just saying very inappropriate things specifically about Heavenly Father and overall just very rude to us. Pretty intense moments and not gonna lie- almost teared up a bit, but then I decided no- I know this gospel is true and then finally he stopped talking and took a breath and I bore my testimony to him. I told Steven that I know I have a Heavenly Father who does care and he loves me and even loves you. I testified of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and the incredible man he was, and as I was testifying he finally stopped and for the first time in the lesson listened to me and stopped talking. As I testified- I could feel power in my words and I know the Lord put his words in my mouth. I finished, told him we would be happy to teach him and do what we do as missionaries and then said nice to meet you and we walked out. Definitly a expereince I will never forget, and I hope Steven never forgets. We also had a similar lesson like that one but with a women named Kathy from Kongo, Africa, she is a preacher at a local christian church and was preaching it up in that room. She invites anyone who wants to talke about Jesus into her home is what she said, But she will read the Book of Mormon, but refused to pray, but I know she will feel the spirit as she reads Moroni 10.
This week we also got a baptismal date- Mark Anthony...yes that is his real name. He is origanally frpm Sri Lanka speaks very little english but is so excited to read the BOM which we got in "tamil" (his 1st language) and he said he will prepare to be baptised as he recieves his answer which I can promise to him he will. I love how as missionaries we are able to promise things to our investigators and they will come true. So were excited but have lots of work to do with Mark. 
This past week has been sooo rainy and im officially a real missionary- everything I own is officially water stained- my scriptures, notebooks, clothes, everything! This week we also had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders aka Sister Zone leaders- the first ones in the mission so far! Exciting times- ps we have 15 sisters coming next trasfer and Tara that girl from your ward is here but I havent met her yet. But they are so great- Sister Nelson and Sister Turnbow- Me and Sister Nelson have become really good friends and are planning on doing triathalons when we get back. But I learned so much from them and we even had a car for the day! We had a DA that day and I had Curry for the first time from Mama Chesters! The Best :) But we found some really good people and overall a really successful day! I think the Lord knew that I needed them there that day becuase that is when President called me and told me the news about Dallin and his accident. They helped so much and I know the Lord knew they would so I truely am grateful for them. The Chelteham ward is so incredible and have been so good to me offereing me every last thing I could possible need, but really I am doing good! I find that the harder I Work, I know the more Dallin will be blessed. So is there a specific address I can send Dallin some Post? Should I send it to Tara's? Grandma? Let me know becuase my district wants to send him something. The Elders have been so good to me and have been so supportive and worried about Dallin. They are so great and I know that being in Cheltenham at this time was exactly were I was suppose to be. But England is definitly praying for dallin, So many Elders and Sisters have been saying and asking about dallin! Everyone over here have somehow found the facebook page and the fundraising page! It really is incredible- Dallin has people praying for him all over the world! The power of prayer is so real and I have seen that firsthand as a missionary. I am so grateful for this knowledge that I have. Mom please keep me updated on Everything- the good and the bad I want to know it all! Dally look pretty good in that picture, but just know so many prayers are being said over here. Every DA I go to they pray for him and our family. We are strong and Dallin- you will get through this and become even Stronger. But thank you for the prayers for me as well, I feel them all the way over here in England. I love this gospel and I have seen the Lord's hand especially strong in my life this week and I do not doubt that! 
I think the highlight of this week was the Birmingham "come Unto Christ" missionary Choir on Friday. They chose 48 missionaries from the mission and we practiced all day Friday (so fun to see everyone and even got to see Sister Vance from the MTC) and sang an arrangement of songs to people at the Cheltenham Chapel. It was incredible and the spirit was so strong. There were so many non members and investigators and know that this choir of missionaires have planted the seed of many in their hearts. One neat thing Bishop told me was that when he gave the opening prayer at that choir, he paused for  along time and told me he felt prompted to pray for these missionaries families- he said at the time had no idea why he was suppose to say that, but now he does. The lords hand is truely in all things. I love this work and love being a missionary. Dallin be strong and know England is on your side!
Sister Wengert

England is Praying for you Dally Boy

Wow what a whirlwind of a week- so many ups and downs! Dallin- just know that your little sister who has grown up right behind you is so proud to call you her big brother and that this speedbumb has got nothing on you. You  have so many people all around the world now, especially here in Englad, praying for you- and the Lord does answer his children's prayers- especially the prayers of missionaries. I know that to be true. All will be well. When President Rasmussen gave me a call and asked if he could stop by our flat for a couple minutes, I was like oh goody Sisters can now officially be promoted to AP's haha Got a little too excited! His words were nothing of that sort and those were some of the hardest words to hear come out of his mouth, but in the end I felt peace and love. President and the Zone Leaders  than gave me a blessing unlike anything I have ever heard, I dont even remeber the words really, I just remeber being so overwhelmed, confused, like I was in a dream and couldnt wake up. But in the end, I once again felt Peace and a reassurance that the Lord knows what we are going . The power of priesthood is truely amazing, and I am so grateful to have it here with me especially at this time. Dallin, It may not be easy, but everything is going to be ok, and allthough Im not necessarily next to your bed as I wish so badly I was holding your hand and singing country songs to you, I belong here, and am going to help so much more a thousand miles away on the other side of the world. You have a family that loves you so much and would do anything for you and that is exactly what we are going to do. You are strong, you are an example, you are a hard worker, Shoot your a wengert- we dont give up. As a family we are going to get you through this, I do not doubt that for one second. We have done it once, we will do it again. Just know that your little sister is so proud of the achomplisments you have allready made, I have always been so proud to call you my brother. You were the first person I know I could call at 12;15 at night in the freezing winters in Logan and ask you to come pick me up from work cause my car is broken down again Or could barge in on your Romantic Dinner date with your cute wife plus the single third wheel (me) Dally man I love you so much and know that the Lord gives specific trials to specific people becuase they know they can handle them and how they will react and grow from them. The Lord gave this to you becuase he knows you and Amy are strong enough to handle this and will both grow together, and the Saviour will be standing next to you at each step you take. I know this gospel- the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the One and Only true gospel on the Earth today with the fullness of the gospel, and it is led by an incredible servent of God- Thomas S. Monson. The Book of Mormon is the most correct book on this Amazing Earth The Lord has given to us to grow and learn on, and I am so grateful as a missionary to be able to devote my time to studying and learing how the Saviour taught and was. The Book of Mormon comes to life as I read it now- I never expereinced that before, and its my favorite thing as a missionary- I know you remember the same feeling becuase you have told me all about it. The Church of Jesus Christ is the greatest blessing in my life and I am so grateful for the knowledge I have today. I love being a missionary and an instrument in the Lord's hand- Miracles are real and Dally you are one of his many miracles! I love you so much and hope to become half the missionary you were. I miss you and am so proud of you Dally- You are in my prayers every day, so many times a day (missionaries Pray ALOT haha). I know the Harder I work the more my family will be blessed-I love you. Stay Strong and Dont forget who you are. I love you Dally man- Mom told me that You will be at the airport and will be the first one to walk to me and hug me and welcome me home...I do not doubt that for one minute! I love you and cant wait for that moment but until then...Come What May and Love it! I love you
D&C 6:36 "doubt not fear not" 

 Sister Wengert