Monday, June 24, 2013

Im gonna be a Mama on Wednesday!

Hello Family!
What a week for everyone- Dallin your email made my mission! I am so proud of you and how hard you are working, nobody stronger could do this but you. You truly are the Dally Man! But keep working hard every day- I promise to work hard everyday if you promise! Just think if your board in bed, send some post to me and Derek! Your a legend, is what everyone says here in England! We are all still praying for ya!
This week was really good, I went to my trainers meeting on Friday and it was intimidating but also humbling at the same time! We have one of the biggest transfers in the history of the mission on Wednesday 15 sisters and one will be my daughter! I am so nervous and so excited all at the same time.What do you think is the most important thing to teach your new missionary! Dad I liked what you said about being a greenie, and let me assure you i am for sure green, I still have so much to learn but the best thing for me to rely on the spirit. The lord does not set up his missionaries to fail in this work. So tonight we find out where everyone is going, "dodge night" they call it, so we should be getting calls tonight, but im pretty sure im staying here training in Cheltenham. My district leader Elder Hansen is training as well, so it will be fun to train together and its nice to know someones got my back. My district is seriously the best and dont know what I would do without them. When we watched that video Tj did, they all crowded around me and watched the video on the tiny laptop screen at the church and almost brought tears to their eyes, plus they loved the yellowcard music as well, so we watch it more often so we can hear that, but such a cool video and cant wait for part 2! They really have helped me out so much. At trainers meeting Sister Rasmussen also asked me if I wanted to see Dallys FB page, so we went into presidents office just me and her and looked at it, and it was incredible, makes me feel so good to see all the support from everyone. The lord and the gospel truely blesses families. I have a testimony of that and the power of prayer, even from all the way over thousands of miles across the ocean. 
Uncle Paul sounds so great, I would love his address to write him a letter if that is ok- just let me know! 
Last Pday we went to Glaucester Cathedral (Harry Potter) and took some pictures and then my week ended up great- one of those pictures is where jenny wrote on the wall in blood, Same Exact Wall!! but anywyas... Lots of rain and wet socks, but good week. This week we got a new investigator named Derek!! He is from Zambia, shocker not English, but he is pretty solid and we are going to teach him again tonight! Also we meet some really cool people on the street and have some really good and solid potentials, one named Theo who is allready in love with us sisters.
One small but still a miracle, The man  named Teddy from Ethiopia with long dreads we stopped by his home because his wife yelled at us on the phone to never call back, so we were going to stop by and clear things up, but we stopped by and similar thing happened, she yelled at him and us and said to never come back. We were so bummed because he was so solid- plus his name is Teddi and has dreads:) We walked away, I tried mumbling Come what may and love it in my head, but we were bummed as we crossed him and his wife of our potential list in our planners. Then about 20 minutes later, we were walking home for dinner and we saw Teddy on the same street as us walking towards us. He ran up to us and just kept saying sorry in his broken Ethiopian english! He said he was looking for us, But he said he wants to meet us somewhere else and we discussed what we could do and how to figure out things with his wife, so hopefully he will give us a call in a bit. Coincidence...No such thing in missionary work! 
I also played the piano in primary again, such a testimony strengthener each time as these sweet voices of about 20 kids sing as they pull the girls hair next to them or take off their shoes and talk in their adorable accent. The spirit is there. I was also Senior comp all week this week- my turn in 12 week program! It was different but I liked it, I planned everything, called everyone, I was head top dog! I was definitely a wingin Wengert but pulled through and it makes me excited to train starting on Wednesday! I think it will be really good for me, we will work as hard I make us work, so it puts a lot of responsibility on me and makes me work harder, I like it. But ya great week and Loved all the emails and pictures and video this week. I am so blessed, and the lord loves his missionaries and especially their families. This gospel is incredible and missionary work is the best thing I could be doing at this time, and I know I may not be next to dally's bed holding his hand as he walks, but I am in the best place to help him recover. Miracles are real. I love you all and Im anxious to introduce you to my new comp. Love you all
w9 Sister Wengert

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