Monday, October 28, 2013

well at least it makes a good mission story....miracles are still real.

What is it with Wengert's and cars? Are they just out to get us all or what. Have mercy as mum would say. But really I am so lucky. Let me start out by mum dont freak out. I am ok. But it was really good to hear your voice, not going to lie I kind of forgot what you all sounded like so thanks for the refresher. So this week was a bit crazy. Thursday we had to go to the mission home to speak with presdient about a few things with my companion but she is doing so much better now, and then friday Me and Muhammad the taxi driver had a bit of a go at it. Lets just say I won...
So Friday we had excahnages with the Sister Training Leaders (aka Sister zone leaders kind of haha). We finished weekly planning and then went to go pick up sister peronnets new bike we bargened like a champ for. We got her a new years model for half off...we were so proud. She is a beaut, But then sis peronnet and sister Mueller (from Germany) swapped and they went to teach chris and we went to drop off the bike in the flat and then hurry to head to Nottingham. We dropped the bike and then hurried to the car. I remeber looking both ways. And yes I looked the "right" way I have lived here for 7 months I know how traffic works. sister Hanks who I was on exchnanges with (Most exciting exhange of her life) crossed then I waited for another car to pass then remember looking both ways and then went. I guess...or so im told the taxi could have been speeding a bit fast, phone, who knows. We live on a bit of a hill and I crossed just at the middle of it, so he must have not seen me if he was speeding, I dont know but all in all he hit me on the right side. I am lucky and have been thinking all about it these past couple days. Heavenly Father has some serious work for me and I better get quick soon so I can dive in and repay him for taking the hit for me. They said it was a pretty good hit, I guess it hit my right leg which is a miracle because absolutly no broken bones! And daddy no offense takin about the fat joke and yeah I won, I spider webbed his window haha, pretty crazy huh! But I remember coming to up on the asphalt as a Doctor (another miracle) was driving behind and came out and stabalized my head, they said I should have been hurt pretty bad, but all I wanted was to get up because I had asphalt in my eye haha and very uncomfortable. But an ambulance was there in a couple minutes or so, and just to be safe put a collar and boarded me up and took me to the hospital. But yes I did get to tell them all about missionary work, or so I remember they gave me some pretty good laughing gas, so hopefully I got all the details correct about the 1st vision haha.  They were so funny and said I kept them all intertained very well, I do my best! Worst part about it was that they cut off my scarf, my favourite one, I begged for them not too, but worse came to worse. I guess broken bones or cut scarf, Ill take the scarf.
But they took me to hospital and not going to lie, I felt like I Was laying on a hard board and that I had just been hit by a car. They gave me some paracetmal (wich is like tylenol lame I know) and waitied. The zone leaders came along and they gave me an incredible blessing, blessing me with no broken bones and strength to heal quick and patience. The spirit despite the fact that we were in AandE in the hospital with people all around us, was strong, and as a little scary as it was, I knew everything would be ok. They finally got me some good meds thanks to Elder Taylor and then xrayed my right leg, chest, and shoulder. My shoulder probably hurt the worst, they said I landed on it pretty good. Ive just got some really cool bruises and scratches and cuts and more bruises, but im ok. A mircale. My leg is pretty sore and it hurts a little to walk on, But Heavenly Father Literally took the car hit for me, I really do beleive it. I am so blessed. 6 hours later I walked out of the hospital in missed matched pajamas and no shoes because I didnt pack any for the exchanges, arm in a sling, but very humbled and with an excpereince that I know Heavenly Father's hand was in. I do not doubt that for one second.
I am so lucky, well its not luck, Heavenly Father watches over his missionaries. An expereince I will never forget...
The rest of the week before then has been really good. Chris is really making progression step by step. He is on day 4 again for the stop smoking program and each time he is getting stronger and stronger. He is the man and really beleive he was prepared to meet us a month ago. I treuly love this man and am willing to even take a car for him if I had to again...haha well maybe not that but almost anything. The best part about this week is Chris finally came to church on Sunday. I knew he would enjoy the primary program so we really wanted him to go and feel the spirit as the children sang. We called him, same old thing, didnt answer. Called him again and said he had another restless night, but decided to come anyways. We picked him up 10 min later and all drove to church. Yan was also there which is his last time here, he moves back to China on Thursday and we are so sad, but I know he will make an impact in china with the gospel some day, the Lord has a plan for him. We fed us dinner that night (authentic chinese food) and we watched a video on Jesus Christ. I know Yan was suppose to teach me something. He didnt teach me one thing but many things and I am excited to stay in contact and see what the Lord has in plan for him. Am I sad he did not get baptised...yes, but I trust Heavenly Father has a bigger plan for Yan. I truely love that man.
We also are blessed and got a new investigator on Saturday. The Sister Trainging leaders stayed over night with us and helped teach our lessons the next day as I relaxed and ate special K and Peanut butter haha. Just a bit too sore to move haha. But Quehyn is from Vitanam and had a lot of questions for us and has some potential, we are also teaching Eddie tonight. Monday night on our way to FHE, we were running late. I got the feeling to stop this man, but we were late and coudnlt pull out a card in time. So I smiled he smilied and let him pass me. Then it was as if I ran into a brick wall and said Sister Peronnet we need to stop that man. We turned and ran towards him and talked with him for a bit. He has a Book of Mormon and is looking for a church. He then asked us to come over and teach him...Elect! haha Brother Eddie he calls himself. This week dont worry we are taking it easy and Bullseye gets a little rest herself. Sister Rasmussen and Bishops wife here are taking the best care of me so dont worry about me, Im being spoiled to bits. But thanks for caring!! This week will be resting mostly, and transfers are on wednesday, crazy huh! % transfers done! Love you all so much and dont worry I promise all is well!
Home sounds good, all is well here! Everyone take care, look both ways 10 times before crossing and make it a great week!
W9 new and improved
Sister Wengert
ps no camera in the hospital so no good pictures! Love you all Cheerio
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