Monday, October 21, 2013

EBM literally Earth's Best Mission

Hello Lovey's!
Sounds like a busy week for all. Mum I would love to read Kimberelys talk i bet it was so good! and I do always feel like a princess in her house. Teddi and Amy could you maybe send me some of that homeade green and red dying for some! How is Grandpa and carol and all the wengert clan doing? What are they all up too? Derek sounds like a hard week but the best thing about that is hard weeks are followed by blessed weeks. Like Elder Christophersen said in one of my favourite talks, sometimes we have to be chopped down a bit in order to be built up again to grow. Ya we had some rough DA's this week but on the bright side you NEVER will guess what we had for dinner at a familys house. Navajos Tacos!! haha Proper, well english proper Navjo Tacos! I could kiss this sweet old mans cheecks as he sat it all dow in front of us and they talked about how another missionary had introduced it to them, not as good as the ones at home (no green chili) but not too bad of an English version. I was in Heaven that night! and they sent us home with heaps more for the next day, and you better beleive I taught them about the honey and butter dessert ones! Highlight of the week!
This week has been one of the most spirtual weeks of my mission and I loved every minute of it! This week we have had so many once in a lifetime oppurtunities! We had zone meeting up in Nottingham and also a mission activity where we traveled to visit Benbow Farms and also Gadfield Elm Chapel; 2 major historical landmarks in the church and they are in my mission. I am so blessed. We traveled 3 hours on a muggy coach (bus) with our entire zone cramed on but it was so worth it and would do it again any day. We caught a train at 7:13 at the train station which is 35 minutes from our flat so we had to get up pretty early and when we got up to get ready we had another suprise that ll our sockets had blown out, so no hair dryer or straightner, or iron, nothing! haha..we were looking really good. But se lav'e we say.... Such is life.
Our first stop was at Bembow Farms, you will have to look it up on the interent for all the good facts but basically it is where Willfiord Woodruff lived for a long time and there was a pond down there that he dug and created in order to baptise 600 members (very influential orginal members) that affected the prosperaity of the church. The spirit was so sacred and special, truely Gods country. There were 3 zones all gathered there and we sang Come Follow me, and talked about the significance of these pond and how lucky we are to have the knowledge and to be serving the lord as missionaries. There is so much power as missionaries gather together. I loved the spirit. Truely amazing to be able to witness this beautiful farm- a once in a life time expereince I will never forget.
After we crammed back on the coach to travel to Gadfield Elm Chapel- the oldest working Latterday Saint Chapel in the WORLD! I am so lucky. These place as amzing. I stood and sat where some of the greatest men and women have sat and talked and preached the gospel. The spirit was so peacful anda sacred. I stood where President Hinckly stood and planted a tree, where John Taylor committed hundreds to be baptised. Where hundereds of apostles and prophets have stood. I felt a part of something special. Sister Rasmussen talked about all the sacrafice of others and how that compared to what we sacrafice it is nothing. When I went into the MTC Devin wrote me a letter and told me the best adviced Id ever recieved. What May seem like a sacrafice will soon become  a privelage...every day I realize the prievelage I have and how there is no sacrafice. President bore a powerful testimony I will never forget. These 2 places have left a profound impact in my life and I am so lucky and privelaged to have been there to each one of them.
This week we spent a lot of time traveling but still got in some good lessons. We officially committed Christ to begin the 15 steps to stop smoking program we use in our mission- 100 percent garantee if you do it correctly. We walked in and I felt like i was at a boxing match..he said its go time. Im ready bring it on. Id never seen him like this and we plastered pictures of Christ and signs and the 15 steps he needs to do each day to help him to stop smoking in 7 days. We are so excited to see him progress and we have helped him stay busy by taking him to service projects and walks and watching movies with him. Chris is doing good. He didnt make it to church on Sunday which is our next thing to address he has some sleeping problems. But he went 3 days strong, had a rough day and took half a cigerrate said he didnt even enjoy it, but is starting again today. I really think Chris was prepared by Heavenly Father, he said before he went out the day we met him he was praying for help and we met him. The Lord is preparing those to hear the gospel, we as members just have to find them all.
Yan still no on baptism, so that was pretty sad:( I love this man so much. He moves back to China on the 31st, but I know Heavenly Father has a will and plan for him. I have learnt so much from him and continue to do so each day. This week we are praying to find a family and set the goal for that. I am excited and know that when we have righteous desires and put in the effort the Lord delivers. Im excited to find our family.
This next Sunday we have the primary program. There are about 25 primary kids and nobody else in the ward really plays the piano so I spent 2 hours practicing on Sunday and an hour the past 5 sundays practicing! You better belive I know all 10 verses to Follow the Prophet. They are the cutest kids and am the spirit is so sweet and strong as they sing at the top of their lungs. Next sunday should be so cool and Im glad I know how the play the pinao (they have been using the guitar before- kinda neat but no piano) so thank you mother! Thank you for all you did; all the piano lessons are much appreciated and paid off well I would say. Im thinking of teaching a Less Actitive piano lessons so im excited about that!
We have lots of good plans for this week and Im excited to get them rolling! Thank you for the letter Kenny and all the other emails! I loved them all! Life is good. The Church is true. It Rains in England. But I wouldnt want it any other way. Love you all, Make it a good week!
W9 Sister Wengert
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