Monday, October 7, 2013

Life is good today...

What a weekend right! I have never been more throughly excited for confrenece in my entire life. It was so inspiring and so uplifiting I want to convert the whole world as I type! Im glad you enjoyed conference because I sure did. Dad im sorry about the elders, do you have sisters there tell them to put them in place! USU LOST im devod' so sad poor chucky Keaton! Im glad you got the cornerstone it just started; the first one i think pretty cool! Derek- you got bikes! So much better right! What does Maximus look like! We will have to race! Mom that is so neat about trish wanting the 21 day program! Keep spreading it around! I love it! Kimberely is home! Can I have her email when you get it! I want to hear all talk- she gives the best talks! i cant beleive she is home- time is so weird isnt it! It flys by! Thank you for the package and Mom you did perfect right sizes and we loved the starburst! Sister Peronnet says thank you and I videod her opening it but cant send it for some reason so ill figure out something! She loved it and thank you so much. We brought the rest of the sweets and shared with the other missionareis at general conferecnce (between sessions of course dad). Dallin, you are making so much progress; i am so proud of you! Keep on Keeping on.
We watched conference at the Nottingham stake center and caught a ride with our bishop for saturday night (we watched the sat morining at 5 pm that night) and saunday for the saturday evening and sunday morning! Im buzzing to see the last session and the releif society session. They were all so good though! We had one of our investigators Yan come and he loved it! He didnt understand much of it due to his english but he met the chinese speaking elders and Ive never seen him happier! Ching chong chee chim is all I heard for the first session on Sunday! haha he smiled from ear to ear. We had fasted  and prayed all this week, that Yan would some how understand conference and that he would feel the spirit and decided and committ to baptism before he returns to china at the end of this month. We are seeing him this week. I love this chinese man; he is so humble and christ like, just a really good person whom i have grown and learnt so much from. He just needs to get baptised beacause the chances of him being baptised in china are much slimmer. Bless em'. But some of my favourite parts of conference I cant decide on one was when Elder Arnulfo Valuenzela said Ambrayso haha I felt like Dad was giving me an ambrayso as he said it! or when Elder Richard Maynes said Yorkshire and Gloucster as american as he could possibly sound. As he said it the whole chapel giggled silently! I loved Elder Hollands talk on depression, so good.. interestin topic but a difintie tear jerker. Elder Ballard was a legend : 80333 missionaries: it is such a privelage to be apart of that. We were talking afterwords about how if one missionary baptises one person: the effects are tremendous. Same with the 15 million members; if they introduce the gospel to one friend...the effects are massive. Edward Dube is one of my new favourite people and taught me to Never look Back and look ahead and beleive. To have no regrets! 2 Timothy 4:7-8 is now one of my new favourites! Mom I cant wait to get more spiritual in shape...and physically! Too much pudding here! ha I love Elder Gifford Nelson and am thinking of my game plan! Ok I loved all the talks really! I cant wait to hoepfully get my hands on the ensign and read the rest! Derek did you get to see all the sessions in english! Ill find out next week becuase I actually get your emails the following Pday beacuse of the time difference and the time I have on the computer! All in all I loved Conference and it went by two fast: the spirit was so strong as I was able to recieve personal reavelation for myself and the people we are working with.
This week flew by! We did service at the Halfords and they live on a farm! I loved it and felt at home and we talked the whole time about home me and brother halford. They have pigs, peacocks, sheep, chickens, Geese that could be friends with Festus because they are more like guard dogs (just imagine me standing on a fence post to get away from them! But We also did some service for a member who is building a new house. I swept all 3 floors and was literally covered head to foot in dust but who would have thought how much I would love wiping blinds and sweeping dust someday. I think service is one of my favourite parts about a mission. I love serving the members here and they are always looking for help! We had some really funny dinner appointments complete with there parakete bird flying in my food, bangers and mash 3 days in a row (Sausage and mash potatoes), and hair in some goodies as well. What can I say I love Derby. I really do love it here more and more each day. One of the funniest lines of the week was at a DA when we were sharing a spiritual thought and in the middle of it the lady says " oh my gosh ducky... your not wearing tights, your legs are really that colour! " haha My skin coulour is usually a hot topic around here...the english are quite white, the sun never shines!
But this week was good! Chris is doing well he watched some conference at home on his lapton and he is reading and praying 3 times a day. He has such a desire to be a better person and we get to watch him change each day. He is truely happier and now laughs and jokes with us and is just happier and he realizes that. I love wathching the gospel change people. We have a baptism for a 10 year old boy with autism and ADHD that we have been teaching for a while. Jack is such a sweet boy and I love teaching him our very short lessons, but he is excited to be baptised this weekend after a long wait! We did some service for a non member referel given to us and the coolest old lady ever- she is feeding us on tuesday and we are going to invite her to take the discussions. Life is so good and the lord is blessing our area and I love watching it flourish and gain more confidence in our area. Derby A does not muck around.
We have interviews this week and lots of things planned! Dallin looks sooo good and Amy you are so cute! I love the little belly I need to see the other 2 bellies! So we are at 3 boys?? Clay and what other names!? Fill a sister in! I hope everyone had fun at their mission reunions, I bet those are so fun! I have grown to love the people I have met on my mission so much including so many missionaries. I am so blessed to have the people I do around me. Just think if I would never have served a mission I would have never met them. I love you all and make it a good week- the missionary wall looks so good! What does derkes side look like! I remember redoing that wall together! Take conferece and apply and see the blessings that follow. I know the lord blesses his missionaries and his families. We are so lucky to have this knowledge that we have. Cheerio
D&C 58:27 and 123:13
W9 Sister Wengert
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