Monday, November 4, 2013


Hello Lovies!
Well I survived a week in our flat. Not going to lie, its bee a bit of a tough week not being able to do the work I so badly want and need to do, but I know its important to heal up 100 % before I go full speed ahead. We did little bits and bobs here and there throughout the week. I have really learnt a lot because I have had so much time to study and think about things. I am truly so blessed looking back to last Friday. It is a miracle and knows the Lord has big plans for me to do in England. I’m learning patience, being humbled, and learning to more fully rely on the Lord. I have so many people that have taken good care of us this week, with meals and rides, so don’t worry mum I am being well taken care of it and should be back to 110% hopefully at the end of this week, in the mean time we get creative of ways to be productive in the Flat. Our area book is past up to date, our LA lists, flawless, and ask me to recite the movie the Lamb of God or the Restoration, I could do it no problem. I have mastered making homemade cinnamon Rolls and flapjacks. But like I said a week of Learning and I am grateful for it! Im feeling much better, just my shoulder is a bit stiff still and my knee is a bit tricky as well, but were getting it all taken care of it and I can feel the prayers of many, because most people can not beleive how fast im healing! Miracles happen eh??
When I was in the hospital I recieved a blessing from Elder Taylor and Elder Ak'abrand (sweedin). During the blessing it was incredible. For 1 minute everthing went silent, literally quiet. No loud nurses, laughing, beeping of machines, everything was still and quiet. It was me, the elders, and Heavenly Father, and the feeling of the spirit. I dont remember much but do remeber them saying so confidently I Would have no broken bones and would heal. The spirit was so strong, and their confidence in the Lord also gave me confidence and had the feeling everything would be ok. No doubts. So grateful for the experiences we have in our life that help our testimony grow.
This week marked the end of my 5th transfer and Derby got some exciting news! We got another set of missionaries in Derby, so we now have 6 Missionaries I Derby! Elder Patten and Maligon (from the Philipines), Elder Hess, and Elder Shipp, and me and Sister Peronnet! 6 teams with lots of work to be done in Derby! President has high expectations for Derby and we know we can accomplish them. We have some big plans and can’t wait to put them into action. The Dream Team
This week we got a new investigator….like I said Heavenly Father is continuing to bless me and our area. Eddie is from Zimbabwe and is the Man! We found him on the street after getting a distinct prompting to stop him. We set up and app and he cancelled and flogged once, but Saturday we taught him the restoration and is excited about reading the BOM and praying about it. He got called into work on Sunday or else he would have been there. He left his other church because he just didn’t “feel it” and said excitingly yes! To Baptism and said that is the whole point he invited us over! We are really excited about Eddie as well! Chris is progressing well and has now done 10 days with not smoking! He is very proud of himself and also very committed to finding out if the church is true or not. He wants so badly to know for himself and its exciting to watch him continue to change each time we see him. Who knew you could gain so much love for 32 year old man you met on the street 5 weeks ago. Another Blessing of the gospel.
Halloween was really exciting for us….haha. President said all missionaries had to be in our flats by 6 pm due to past things (dodge) haha. So we decided to order some Pizza and ice cream and watch Legecy together! Not too bad of a night really! What did you all do for Halloween???
This week really has not been to exciting to be honest but everything is going well! Tell me about it Derek! I loved the 1st line of your email! What is it with Wengert and Cars! I tell you! But hey it does make a good mission story!
Ty and Levi looked sooo cute in their wreck it Ralph and fix it felix outfits and Teddi is the cutest nerd ever! I didnt get the other halloween pictures
Life is good, I got to teach 2 lessons this week, and Im learning so much each day. I know the Lord does not give us anything we can not handle, and he knows this would be no big deal for me haha! Im grateful for the trials we have that allow us to grow stronger and better. If we did not go through pain and hard things, we would never progress. I foud a new favourite quote this week " I strive for perfection but am content with perfection" -Brad wilcox
This saviour is the only way to perfection and we wont make it their now, but we progress each day to get closer and closer! We are so blesed to have this knowledge.
Derek! Congrats on being called as a Trainer!! You learn so much while training, and you always have a special bond with them. I love Sister Andersen and she is my daughter and Sister Peronnet, my step daughter! Im excited to see pictures of you and your greenie and You will be suprised how much they teach you!
Take care of everything at home, mum any idea if a costco card would work better for me to get some things I need over here? There is a costco here in Derby! Life is good, missionary work is amazing and the best thing to be doing right now. Shayna Binnion may be getting baptised, the lord truely does prepare Everyone to except the gospel someday! Press Foward...
" Nothing can stop the work of God....Not even a crazy Taxi Cab Driver"
W9 Sister Wengert
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