Monday, October 14, 2013

Just another day in paradise

Bonjour My loves! My french is coming along, I know can speak 6 phrases and know how to say Oh Bummer! This week was overall great. There really is no bad weeks on a mission sometimes, especilly looking back on them! Im glad you younger ones got to expereince cleaning ditches! I really do miss those times and any oppurtunity to serve and get dirty and to wear trousers we love! Mum I bet your seminary lessons are the best and its up to you, we will get the ensign eventually as missionaries, I should be ok. We got to watch some more sessions of conference this week during comp study at the church: I wathced Elder Hamilton and he was amazing! Pretty cool we met him.
This week we got to teach a a referel we recieved from an investigator. She fed us before we taught her about the Restoration and Book of Mormon. Man bless her: she fed us a feast and we were so appreciative but im just not sure what I ate really. She said it was chicken, but not really sure! But it was blessed and we slurped it down. Then she made us her homeade famous chocolate mousse, it actually looked pretty good, but as I went to eat it, I pulled out the longest white hair I have ever seen. It just kept coming and coming. Rough day haha and she ended up not being interested, but she is really cool lady, some intersting ideas but non the less we say here: bless her, bless her! We also had a DA with a Recent Convert who is this big black lady who is the happiest person I have ever met. She is actually from Malowey (not sure how to spell it) but she made us a huge spread, I was a bit nervous at first, but it such a blessing to be around the people in my life at this moment. The people you met on your mission have a unique connection and I love it. One of my favourite things about my mission. The people.
This week we had interviews with president as well. President is the man and I am so lucky to have him and his wife as my mission president. He talked to me about how I now have a good chunck of my mission under my belt and how this time now is the most inportant time of my mission, I have no excuses. He was a bit bold, but I needed it. He has high expectations for Derby and I know Heavenly Father has sent me here for specific individuals, I just need to find them! He talked again about the conversation he overheard me and mum had on the day of Dallins accident. He is such an inspiring man and I learnt so much that day. Our area is blessed and things are coming along. Afterwords I was talking with sister Rasmussen and she said the other day she was lookin for a talk on Elder Dallin H. Oaks and she typed Dallin into google and the first thing that came before Dallin H. Oaks was Dallin and Amy Wengert! haha Dallin your famous! She got a big kick out of it!
We had FHE with a investigator and a family in the word and it was wild! As a shoe was flug across the room just missing my face and as the son gave a prayer that was spoken so fast I thought it was in a different language, fighting over the coolest colour reminded me of home! I loved it and there was one momet of silence as we talked about the light of christ in our lives that the spirit was strong and manifested to us all. I miss those moments of chaos though and it felt good to be ingulfed in it again.
We taught Yan this week and I felt prompted to teach him about the temple and baptisms for the dead...kind of weird but we went with it. He loves the temple and just kept mumbling chinese words and stroking the picture of the temple. He wants so badly to go inside. I dont undestand Yan sometimes: He needs more time which makes sense. Before 3 months ago he had never heard or expereince God in his life and it all came at once, but he does it all! He paid his fast offerings this sunday and Fasted! I have learned so much from him and he is so special to me. I know that we are doing all we can and whatever the lords will is, is the best for Yan. But we are focusing on Yan and hoping he will set up a date to work towards soon, he is so ready and loves the gospel. Love this tiny chinese man. As we were walking home from an app he asked if he could walk us home to make sure we got home safe and as he walked he said in his broken english "When I around you..I feel God's love" My heart melted and such a sweet moment. I love Yan
Chirs is progressing, he has some rough sleeping problems and sadly didnt make it to church, but he is progressing every day we see him. He loves the gospel and slowly  is taking it all in. He is the man, so humble and wants so badly to follow Heavenly Father.
Jack got baptised this weekened and it was such a sweet expereince. His mum is Less Active but due to some problems in the past, Getting Jack baptised has been a challange. The day finally came on saturday and the spirit was so innocent and strong. Jack was so happy and you could tell despite his set of problems he felt the spirit too. His whole family came who are not active either and overall such a cool experince. I love baptim days, the best feeling, and it gives you the boost for more of that feeling. This is why we do what we do: tract and bike in skirts in the tipping rain, getting yelled at in the streets (anit america things and other dodgy stuff) I would do it over and over for this feeling and the sound of the font feeling in the background. I am so lucky to be apart of the 80 thousand modern day stripling warriors and love having the chance to improve and strive each day. Love you all;Make it a good week.
Tell Kimberely i say Welcome Home! Good luck in sports and everythings else!
Je Ta'ime (I love you in French)
W9 Sister Wengert
Ps. Does Grandpa Wengert get my emails?
Pictures- we got skippy peanut butter from a member who went to Costco! There is a costco here in Derby haha
Jordy; the LOL picture is for you! The actually say LOL not L-O-L here haha they say it like they spell it 
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