Monday, August 5, 2013

My life is Sick

What a week for the Wingin' wengerts! Jordy's Birthday Party, Tan needs Glasses, mom almost lost her license again, and School started today! That is Straight up Crazy- I can not believe how fast time flys by! Mission time flys by- I just finished my 3rd transfer! Mum, If the only thing my mission does for you is get you out of tickets and allow you to keep your license...I am happy! haha that is so crazy! Derek- I loved all the pictures, it is just so funny to look at pictures and see how different each one of our missions are from each other! So different but we are each right where we belong! The lord calls his missionaries to the people not the place. Derek you sound awesome and I love hearing about everything, your English not so good anymore, but that must mean your Spanish is awesome, which Im sure it is. Don't worry my American English is pretty rubbish itself. But im glad you had a good birthday!
This week has ZOOMED by! I swear it was just Monday And I was at the Cheltenham Chapel emailing you! Tuesday we had Zone Conference and as usual it was great! It was great to see President and his awesome wife who has become one of my closet friends, of course they asked all about our family, they say they have followed everything so closely that they feel like they know our whole family. The say to pass their love on the Wengerts. When President emails me or calls me now he always says "w9 plus one Signing out" Love this man to death, I could not ask for a better mission president and me and my district are already making plans to all come to his homecoming in 2 years! But Zone conference was soo good and I learned how to much more effectively use our precious time as missionaries. Devin, crazy thing. Sister Reidhead came up to me as I was playing prelude for the conference and she handed me a picture of her parents and you and Ted! I pretty much jumped out off the bench and started pounding her with questions! Such a small world! We did a lot of service (well most weeks we do a lot of service it seems like) But I love serving the Cheltenham Ward! We painted a members whole house- us 6 missionaries came in and dominated and had the whole house painted in like 5 hours! We also did some gardening and I have witnessed the BIGGEST slugs I have ever seen in my entire life! welcome to England: slugs, rain, and more rain! Like I said my life is Sick (the best)! Sports night this week was a body really showed up, but next week we talked with the youth coordinator for the club we decided to team up with and are going to play a big game of Rounders next week! Rounders is kind of baseball but not at all but UK style! haha Google it or something Idk how to explain it but its fun and somewhat like softball so im happy!
We also got to teach Theo and Shakira (our 9 year old investigator). Teaching Theo this week was sooo awesome- so hard but so good. Theo is by far the Hadest person I have ever taught, we did talk with him to send missionaries in London to his family and him when he is done working here in Cheltenham, and I think that is his best bet, learning with his family! But we read the BOM with him and our very last lesson talked all on the priesthood. At the end of the lesson he basically said he believes it is all true.. Everything, joseph Smith, The Book of Mormon, the priesthood, he just said he does not agree with getting baptised again- he kind of got at us in his African voice... "my more talk of  baptism" He has it all, he is just missing that key aspect! I love this man to death and he has so many blessings of the gospel just waiting for him! But he will be taught in London with his family and it will all fall into place! But I love Theo- he has taught me the importance of Listening with love because he loves to preach and loves his friend Jesus. I have learned so much from each investigator and even every lesson. So much learning on a mission, and it never gets old. We also taught Shakira this week. Her sister is a LA and were working with her too. We went over to teach them Resto and Shania (the LA) had a friend who came to church with her once named Ellie and she is our newest investigator. All three were sitting with us in Church and Shakira is on a baptismal date for 17 August. Our area is doing really well, we are busy busy busy, and zooming everywhere on a bikes. Mum what you said made my day (Go you crazy, English, wet, dodgy, bikin shorts, skirts a fly-in, helmet hair sisters . . . ride like the wind!) hahahaha .
One really cool experience this week was with Derek 1! So we weren't able to meet with him this week, we were bummed but where determined to get him to church on Sunday. We called him Saturday evening and we were just chatting and we brought up church and he said he doesn't know if he can go because he is Fasting.... I was like wait we haven't even taught fasting yet. I asked him what he was fasting for and he said to know if the BOM Is true. I guess the gospel principle class was on fasting and he put it all together and decided to find out and fast about the Book of Mormon. I about did a heel click, the only problem is that he doesn't know if he could get to church because he would not have any energy to get to church because he was fasting, but hey one step at a time! Unfortunately he didn't make it to church but he is progressing well and doing great!
This week we had a DA at the Smith's and this man is known for his burgers...The are massive! I get heart burn just thinking about it! I mean Huge like 3 patties, filled with chees and onions and bacon, the are so huge he scewers them to keep them up. The Elders were so excited and Me and sister Andersen wanted to die. Luckily we convinced Brother Smith to allow us to split ours in half, but still huge! I also tried some of his hot sauce: on he bottle it said Extremely Dangerous. I literally tried half a drop and about stopped breathing. It was horrible, the worst, the hottest thing that has ever grazed my mouth, but I did it! it was quite the DA though.
Mum thank you for the package! Just a heads up, I would probably start sending packages to the mission home just because of the flat complex I live in it might get nicked. But thank you soooo much I devoured those sweedish fish! And I loved the shirt- I feel right at home and you better believe I wore it to bed with my South African tights a member brought me back. And Grandma thank you for the package as well! I Love the Cd and the I made some muffins this morning, I had to guess on the measurements (you don't use measuring cups really,  you use scales) but hey they worked out! Dallin looks soo good and thank you for the pictures! The blessings of service and in general are so real! The temple sounded amazing! Makes my day Jordan and Naes you too are gorgeous and Dallin better be betting those boys off you, such babes! Have a great first week at school! Tan- I thought I would send you a picture of mine and sister Andersen's new glasses (this glasses are huge here in England- and we rock them). We can be twins! I wanna see my handsome Tan man in his new stunner glasses! Mum, drive safe pleassse! TJ- have a great birthday and Mom on Sunday as well! I love you all and miss you heaps! Keep it Classy Lovvvvve you!
W9 Sister Wengert

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