Monday, August 12, 2013

Crazy news!!!!

HELLO EVERYBODY! Wow two more nephews! Where my girls at? haha Any names picked out yet and what are the due dates! Soooo exciting and Tara a mini Van?? Rocking it! This week was a great one! Biggest news is we have a baptism on Saturday! Our 10 year old investigator Shakira is getting Baptised and her whole family is going to be there, her dad and older sister were baptised about 4 years ago but are all less acticve now, but not for long. They are all attending and Shakira's dad is even saying the opening prayer. Pretty exciting I cant wait. We went over yesterday to plan her baptismal program and she is so excited a little nervous about getting the holy ghost, but only to go in front of the church and to have "boys put there hands on her head". But we planned it and she is really excited, we are singing follow the prophet her favourite primary song! It should be a really good day and im excited to have sis Andersen experience her 1st baptism- the best feeling ever. I love the feeling at a baptism, it never gets old and makes all the hard work we do so worth it.
This week we tore it up with the Less Actives. Bishop gave us a list of lost records of some Less active members so we set out to find them. Me, Sister Andersen, Bulseye, and Pegasus headed out and travelled all around Cheltenham, got yelled out by some people who we had some wrong addresses for, but had some success as well. We met one lady, had to cycle up this Huge hill, imagine England Hilly??? some huge hills and got to see one lady named Julie, she has been less active for 20 years and now has 2 boys. We talked for a while and now are coming back next week to start teaching her and her sons again! So worth the hills...Sister Andersen just kept yelling Hot husband points with each pedal we took... Whatever Works! We also did some serious service for  a LA member named Sam. She took us to her garden (backyard) and it was full of rubbish, old gross toys, prickly rose bushes, nettle (devil plant), old food and more rubbish. We looked at each other, nothing we expected and got to work. Two hours later and lots of scratches, we got it all cleaned up. She was amazed when it was finished, and we shared a message with her, and she said she would consider coming back to church. She has these two crazy twins that had heaps of snails and put them on us as we worked, but once again all worth it. We did a lot of less active work and had some good success and it feels good to help out the Cheltenham ward.
That is so exciting about all the missionaries from our stake! We got another 32 missionaries this past transfer! Our mission is one of the biggest (and best) missions in the UK. Where are all the missionaries going- any going to England? We also had a lesson with Derek, basically he has a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, but he is just one step behind from getting baptised. He is so is so cool to watch people change. Watching Derek from day one till now is so cool to witness, and it makes me so grateful to be apart of this amazing work.
Sports night went much better this week! There were quite a bit more people that came and we played football and rounders. Each week we get more and more people and it is growing bigger and bigger, ya mom it is a bit like high school powederpuff game. But they are asking more and more questions and a few might join us at church along with some Less actives that attend too.
This week Sister Andersen had her first English toad in a hole and she was freaking out, haha ohhh I love having a greenie because she know nothing English haha and everyone just takes the mick out of her. Sister Andersen is doing really good, we went up to Wales on Friday to go see a doctor and her ankle is doing much better. We also went to go visit a lady in the hospital from Stroud ward, Sister Andersen was convinced we were in a insane asslymn, haha hospitals here are much different than America, it is so funny to watch her face with every new experience I through her into.
This week we also did some service for a extreme Greek orothdox potential and afterword's were talking about our relationship with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. She was talking about some trials she has gone through and some how Dallin came up and I was able to bear my testimony on trials and how my relationship with Heavenly father has been bettered from  the hard things we go through. we got to share a bit of the plan of salvation with here and how the scriptures and the Book of Mormon have especially helped me through hard things. She was not interested before, but after talking with her and sharing our testimonies and having the spirit there, she committed to reading a chapter in the Book of Mormon and having us come back again.
We got a new missionary in our district this week: His name is Elder Turney, a big rugby player from Reddings England. But he is way cool and of course we had to welcome him to Cheltenham the right way with TGIS!
I bet you are the best seminary teacher mom. I wish I would have paid much more attention in seminary and not have slept so much....did I just admit that?? haha But mom im sure you do great and with your voice and such great lessons, nobody could sleep :) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! You should be getting a little something your way and hopefully it makes it all in one piece! Dad what do you think of English Chocolate- the best right, probably a bit melted but all the same! Dad, you got the wrong birthday?? ohhh boy!
So a Recent Convert Suzie Lonterman had these pet rats and they love putting them on us and watching us squirm with them. She is an amazing lady and has become a second mum to me. We go over every Monday and us and her two girls have Family home Evening. Jordan, Beatrix one of her girls added you on Facebook! Add her and can you go on my facebook and check up on things! Your the Best! This week was busy busy, and we got more work to do each week. When you do your part the lord does all the rest. This is truly the Lord's work and all our success comes from him. Hope you have a great week! I cant believe school is already starting again! Send me a video of this new and improved Dally man! Love you all
Sister Wengert

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