Monday, August 26, 2013

Hi ya! Sister Wengert

26 August 2013....When did this happen??
Hi ya everyone! Sounds like a wild and crazy and so fun- typical day at the wengert houdhold, that sounds so fun, I would love to do something like that for all the youth here in our stake! Hopefully our sports night will start to get that much bigger and we could do some huge water activity! and Eegees would be the best here- what I would give for a Watermelon and peach and berry eegee. hmmmmmm.... Im so sorry for your loss Amy, I know how close you are to your grandma, but I know her and Grandma Wengert and Tyrell and all the Family are greeting eachother! What I have learned is that the gospel does not take away everything that is hard, it makes it easier and bareable. Just like you said the Lord curves our back to bear the burden. I have a huge testimony of that and know the lord does not give us anything that we ourselves can not handle. It is not easy, but is truely made easier. Thank you for the pictures- I love them and Tan playing the Baritone and rocking it! Jordy and naes your such babes and ballin up Dallin- way to be and Dad....I saw him working a sweat in that picture, but Dad Im sure you still have that killer corner shot that you never miss. We play basketball every now and than as a district or zone and it is fun to get competitve, (but not too competitive) but play some good ball. Today is Bank holiday (No work and all banks are closed- the best kind of holiday haha- no reason really for it) But every bank holiday we play Football (US soccer) and it is always intense stuff too, no messing around. Everyone says dang wengert you can play footy, haha so dont worry im rubbish at football but doing my best to represent, it is always so fun though. 
So what is up with Trish and Gordon and their big church day you are leaving me hanging here?? Dad you would rather drive at 10 pm to Phoenix than teach seminary.... haha I dont blame you, but mum you would seriously be the best teacher and I bet your lessons are so great, I would love to teach one over skype! haha 
This week was crazy and busy..I feel Iike I say that each week, so I guess being a missinoary is crazy and busy! We are still working with quite a few less actives and some Recent converts, but you know what you do after a baptism...FINDING and finding and more finding! So we did a lot of finding this week and we are blitzing the area book like crazy ill Sis. andersens ankle gets strong enough to walk for a couple hours without rest! But we didnt have much success finding new people to teach, but found a coupld solid pots and are really exicted for this next week to find more and teach the ones we found. 
We found one of the coolest and Solid peopel on the street the other day- such a miracle. We were cycling home one day, so tired and wet and sweaty we had just cylcled like 6 km that day and were shattered and ready to go home to eat some dinner. We rode past tons of people and were almost to our flat when we passed this guy walking alone on the street and I felt that we needed to stop him. He just seemed like a really nice guy and I felt this strong impressions saying go. So I slammed on my brake and yelled at sis Andersen to stop and we jumped off our bikes and started towards him. Im sure we were quite the sight to see coming right towards him but it turns out he is American. His name is Jeremy from Colorado and He has just moved here with his wife and 2 kids for the military. We talked for quite a while, a really good convo and he said he has worked with many members of the church and has even been to a baptism and basically said he felt the spirit. We talked all about how the gospel has blessed our families and how it can bless his. He also asked for something to read, so we gave him a Book of Mormon tried to set up an app but no luck, but we did get his number. He is solid, these are the type of people the Lord is preparing, and we are so lucky as missionaies to be blessed to have the spirit with us always to do this work for us. Missionary work would not work without the help of the spirit. We also stopped by an old potential we had in our area book and it turns out she had just moved last week and this lady Sarah has just moved in. Single mum with a brand new baby, long story short we have a return app for Tuesday and we are really excited for both Jeremy and Sarah! This week was definitly full of miracles and the lord is truely blessing us with new people to meet and teach. Yesterday we were also cycling the other day and I saw Teddi, the Ethopian with dreads and hawaiin shorts on the side of the road so we slammed on the brakes in the middle of the street and stared to chatting. His wife was not a fan of us and Chewed me out and said to never come back, well it puts us in of a tough spot he wants to learn, but his wife says no, but he said he would be at church next sunday and I really beleive he will be. He wants change and happiness in his life and I think he is just realizing that this is his answer, Im sure his wifes heart will be softened with time. But miracles are around all of us each day, both big and small, we just have to recognize Heavnel fathers hand in it all. 
This week we also had Interviews with President and his wife! We all travled to Gloucster and had District meeting and were than called in one by one. My first interview so far and I have been out 5 months tomorrow! It was such a good talk with him, I am so blessed to have President and Sister Rasmussen in my life. They have grown to become almost like family to me. Of course the first thing he asks is how is my family and starts naming off each one of us...Tara, Devin, Dallin.....He is the Man! He also talked about how incredible of  a mom I have and I would have to agree on that one. He talked about the phone call we had when Dally had his accident, and this Sunday me and my comp taught Young womens on how to strengthen the family and I have to say, it made me realize how incrediblly blessed I am to have you all as my family. Each one of your examples has helped me to be where I am at this point and continue to help daily! Families are so central to this plan God has given us and I am becoming more aware of that each day on my mission. W9 baby!
We had some really good lessons with Shakira and she is doing so good, she is coming to church each week and is so proud of her brand new hard back scriptures the ward got her. We had dinner with her and Mark Chesters who baptised her and when we went to give the thought I asked her if she had a favorite scripture and she said yep, of course and she took my book of mormon and said I love Jacob 2:18 and than explained what it meant to her, and than spouted off a couple other scriptures. She is ten years old and so strong in the gospel, I just love that girl to death and her family is making so much progress. Her dad Stephen who gave the prayer, was on the Do no contact list but is now having the Elders come around and also letting us teach him. Shakira's sister was baptised with her dad  along time ago and is doing great and her friend Ellie is also taking the discussions and attending church and Young Womens. Mom it is the best watching people change. I can not belive that about Dan, that is incredible, how did he start taking the discussions, are they teaching them at his house or at ours? I want to know it all, does he have good missionaries?? That is incredible and you are all great missionaries I am so impressed and brag to all the Elders in my district how my family are studs in sharing the gospel. That news seriously made my day! 
Good job Dally boy, you are making such progress and people continue to ask about you all the time even over here in England and I get to tell them all about you and how great you are doing and your miracle. I have had some pretty neat expereineces sharing your story with others. That info about the glasgow score is incredible. Funny story about that, Mom remember Elder Norton serving in Ogedn UT, we went to school together at EA and he has written me a few letters, he asked me if I had relitives with the last name Wengert in Logan and sure enough he knows all about your story and served in your stake, you really are famous! Tan..Im sorry your bird died again :( But he is now in a better place! Home sounds busy and hope everyones loving school, how was everyones first couple weeks! Study hard! Love you all and thank you for everything!
Sister Wengert

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