Monday, April 29, 2013

Someone in ENGLAND loves YOU!

29 April 2013
Well another week has flown by and such a great week with many miracles and awesome moments! Tuesday we had a zone meeting which was so great and all about the importance of the first lesson! I finally got to meet all the elders and sisters in my Zone and even saw Elder Mcfarland and Thompson and SIster Vance from my MTC District! It was the best moment and we all stood in a circle and just said how much we have missed eachother and how it has been for all of us! I was like a mini Family reunion! The best moment! Being with so many great missionaries in one room is so powerful and a reminder of how privelaged I am to be serving in the EBM- Earths Best Mission is what we are told! But definitly a highlight of the week for sure! This week we have found some pretty solid potentials which is exciting becuase we arnt having much luck gettting in contact with some of our others! We met this really cool 17 year old kid who's mum and sister just passed away last week, it was so sad but cool to testify that he will see them again! I wanted to just hug him so bad poor guy! But hopefully this week we can met up with him and teach him the Plan of Salvation! We meet this huge black guy who literally his thighs were the size of my waist haha, huge and we had a really good conversation about Christ but in the end was not interested but before he left he said " One Tip.. Lose the badges" haha Pretty funny!
This week we also threw a suprise birthday party for a Recent Convert that I have truely come to love her and her two girls about Jordan and Janae's age! JORDY- she added me on Facebbok will you excpet her:) Maybe get to know her:) Awesome Girls! But we suprised her with cake and ballons and it made her day and ours! So fun, the cake was made with love and it looked that way, a bit dodgy but made with love. European ovens take a bit of time to get used too! haha Same with the washing machine, apparently somehow I managed to die a load of my laundry blue...just my luck! haha But I will survive! I have many lessons the hard way here! Bread does not last very long unless its frozen cause apparently American Bread is full of preservaives...shocker! But ya we keep most things in the freezer here! The other night at a Dinner App. An American family made us Elders and Sisters "Cafe Rio" burriots! I was in heaven even though they were a bit different but at this poin anything that is remotly close to the food from home is my new best friend! hahaha!
MOM! I get to SKYPE ya for MOTHERS DAY on the 12 of MAY! So im pretty excited about that, Im counting the days till I can see your faces! I miss you all so much!
This week we have quite a few lessons cancel which is very frustrating, I prepare so I can teach perfect, and no lesson! But im here for the next 18 months, odds are that I will be able to teach quite a few lessons! Just means more finding for us! Yeah :) haha but when you work hard finding that means more people to teach! So its worth it! Mom good job on your missionary efforts! You might as well just put on a tag! Your killing it and its so awesome! I also had a drunk man hit on me one day while finding! He came and almost ran me over on his bike and began to follow us and talk with us! He kept talking to us and I tried giving him a card, but said he hated American, but that we were both very attractive, but ya he would not leave us alone. But dont worry mom, Pdays we practice our self defense that the Ward missionary Mark teaches us! haha Im set, but ya pretty funny!
One day we were knocking and a church of England Pastor answers the door and starts laughing! haha He says HI Im Ben, a Church of England pastor, and you are on the closet path to satan; I almost started laughing! I couldn't beleive this was real! But I introduced ourselves and tried to give him a card and he was just tearing us apart and saying he would pray for us and slammed the door! Sister Obies Sanchez was awesome and testified to him as I wanted to run down the street so that was  a lesson learner for me! Dont ever be afraid to testify of the Truth! But the good news is that the Church of England is praying for our welfare, so we should be having some serious success soon! So thank you Church of England!
The Baptism this week was so AWESOME! and Im more fully understading why you love Missionary work! Tania was so happy the entire time! It was incredible and her mom even came to ther service- earlier she would not even come into the room with us! She was terrified of us! But she came and felt something! The feeling of Joy you feel as Tania was baptised was unlike anything I have ever felt! I love it and it makes me want to work even harder to find others to teach so the can feel what Tania has felt and the feeling of Joy you feel as a missionary is so unreal!- and Tania's mom came to Church the next sunday as well! Pretty exciting!! So We also had splits this saturday which were so great and defintily needed that! Sister Koons and Sister Nelson came to Cheltenham friday night and spent the night and Saturday we divided and concquered! It was awesome to learn from other sisters and they are just such fun girls! Sister Nelson and Siters Obies came early to the Church to begin to fill up the font, but apparently did not change the temperature on the water so when Tania went into the font to be baptised it was WAY to hot! haha I could not believe it! We had to go get buckets of ice cold water and put them into the font! Haha It was defintly a memorable baptism! haha but Tania was laughing! But such a cool expereince to be apart of! And Tania's mom said she wants to start coming more regulary to church so we are so excited to see that miracle! I played the piano at the baptism and mom can i just say THANK YOU for the 12 years of practicing! I can not thank you enough! It is really cool because I have zero time to practice, but I can pretty much play any song well and many people have commented on my playing. I dont know how, I was losing it at USU! haha But it is prett cool and am using it a lot so thank you mama!
TJ- will you put my email on my blog anyone can email me and would love anything!! Your the Best!
I want to see pictures of Prom and Janae's teeth and everythig! Mom will you email me pictures PLEASE!! Home sounds really good and about the same as when I left! That is really cool about the Boston Bombing! the USA still has hope! haha and ya mom it does feel a bit wierd being the miniority and everyday someone asks " why are you so tan" haha! But I love it here and every day things get better and better and I love the work more and more! The ward retreat sounds awesome! PS mom- sorry about your finger! I would gladly chop off my hand to have a navajo taco with extra avacoados on top! haha 17 months I will :) Jordy- good job in everything softball and all the good choices your making! Im proud of you! Janae you still love your teeth! Tanny man! The Work and the Glory are so good and Im glad your reading them! Your such a stud and wil be such a great missionary some day! My little box works great and we use it as a district every pday! USB's or CD's work great whatever is cheaper to send! I would LOVE anything!! Thank your for being you and the great family you all are! DEVIN HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK! Your getting OLD :) But you still got it goin on! Dont worry! Go to a shrimp Buffet for your BDay! and my sweet TY TY! HAPPY 3rd Birthday this week! I wish so badly I could be ther! TARA dont let TY forget about me! I want to see Pictures next week of his cute Birthday party! Thanks for all you do! Someone in England Loves you! The Church is True and I love this work!
w9 Sister Wengert

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