Monday, April 15, 2013

Hello Love!

Well Hello my Loves!
I survived my first week so far! and wow what a week! So ya my companion is from Spain and were getting along pretty well. We have a language barrier, Im helping here learn some more english and american english at that. But she is a hard worker and has only been here 7 more weeks than me so were really learning together!  But im glad you got the Picture from Sister Rasmussen- they are seriosuly the greatest couple and remind me of how great dad and mom will be a mission presidents some day! But thank goodness for Pday today! So my Pday's are every Monday! The area of Cheltenham is such a great 1 st area! The members here are so great and we are spoiled. There are 3 sets of missionaries in this area and ward- we all work different parts of the area but all in the town of Cheltenham! So we have all gotten very close all ready! There is Elder Retzer from Canad and Elder Lyman from Kaysville Utah- He knows Khole Allen FYI! Crazy small world, and then Elder Kerr from the US and then Elder Paynter from Australia! But we are all over just one ward! Crazy huh! Were to start- Leaving the MTC was so exciting and so nerve racking! the Sunday before we loft was so great- BYU's Vocal Point gave an incredible fireside! So Awesome and got us pumped!

-Random note: Can You have DEREK aka Elder Wengert order me an English flag mission shirt in the MTC bookstore and just mail it home for me not to England! Thanks so much and size Medium Please! Love ya

England is Crazy- and by the way mom I love that you said Posh! You picking up the language allready! It comes pretty easy allready! but So different then home! Our Flat (Apartment in america) is old but homy! Besides that on Friday the power went out once- got it fixed and then came back later that night and it went again! So after calling the zone leaders and President- he gave us permission to go to Bed an hour early due to the lights! But of course the neighbors in the flat below us were having a party so we couldn't sleep anyways! Also our hot water is out at the moment so we count the rain as a shower..just kidding...but you should be able too- It rains every day here! So we never do our hair either- you could imagine we are quite the sight as we walk around! We also Walk every were- Sister Obeis Sanchez has back problems and cant bike so we walk close to 8 km a day! crazy but is nice too cause the ward members feed us almost every night! The members of this ward are so great and there are also quite a few American families which is kind of fun! But pretty much we walk and do GQ's (ask the golden question and share a card) everywhere we go but it has paid off because we had 13 potential Investigator's! The most out of our district this week! But I just love the members here- Mom I know you good with the missionaries and let me tell you as a sister missionary who gets that treatment now the appreciate it so much! Makes such a difference to us!

This week has been a rollercoster of highs and lows but now that Im adjusted Its so much better! I have been asked if I was a nun and a jehovah witness and so many other crazy things! But Im allready so much more condient in talking with everyone! On 13 April, I got my first slammed door in my face of so many more! A little shaky but It doesn't even phase me now! I actually kind of like tracting doors and the people here are so much nicer than I imagined...well some:) And of course they ask if Im American and what the heck Im doing so far away! ha With all the walking we do we have lots of time to talk so mom I taught Sister Obies Sanchez to say WHAT..hahaha and do it all the time and she calls my Jessie face the WHAT face in her cute Spanish accent ha! But I really like "CheltLum" is how you say it! The perfect first area and am excited to continue to get to know the ward! We have Dinner Appointments (DAs) every night this week-Score!

Yesterday was such a great day! Now I understand why missionaries say...You just got to get to Sunday! each week! Sundays are so busy, crazy, but so worth it! I was just welcomed in the ward so well and everyone came and introduced themselves and made me feel right at home! The ward reminds me a little of home with a few Maran's finest thrown in there! Love it and am excited to get to know everyone else more! There is a lady- sister Harris, she gives each set of missionaries a bag full of various foods Every week! She never misses! We just set the bag by the door when we come in and its overfilled when we leave! So nice of her- she said someone did it for her son and was returning the favor! So nice of her and we appreciate it so much! At church the elders had a new investigator came in with the cutest smallest baby ever- It was in all white so I went over and asked- oh he is so cute...How old is he! Well turns out it is a girl! haha Akward- Hopefully she still knows the church is true after my insult! Sorry Elders! But Ioved Church and for once in my life didn't want it to end and wanted it to go longer and longer! There are kids crawling all over the stage during the sacrament and putting stickers all over their mom's face and I love it! Makes me feel at home! We also get to go to Young Women's every friday night for Mutal which is so fun and its like hanging out with Jordy and Naes!

Everyone here allready talks about how funny I talk and have all tried to teach me "correct" english- They said all my "T's" are "D's" like Cotton, kitty, etc and they tell me to practice every morning! haha so Every moring I repeat Cotton, Kitty, Brother Betteridge, pretty, Mattie, etc! haha Im picking it up! Everywhere we go we drink "squash" which is American water down concentrate you put in water! haha pretty good and it grows on you! The food is very different but good! We went shopping today and they had nothing I was normally eat- even there fruit and veggies are a bit different. But you learn to eat anything! I even found make shift englishg "Fig Nuttons" made my day! I love Fig Nuttons and all I want is a big bag of those and my favorite plain Animal crackers, so Ill have to keep my eyes out! haha
-Mom I dont need that backpack- its just easier to buy one here I promise and probably cheeper! So don't worry about it! Thanks though and My package came I just got to have one of the zone leaders pick it up in Birmingham! But missionary life is great- hard and so great! Go go go....but great great great! This week we have a ward activity we get to help with and the ward is just so great! I hope one day you can meet them all mom and dad!

But I tought my first lesson on Thursday to Tania- who is going to be baptized on 27 April. I didnt do all the work but cant wait to attend her baptism! Pretty exciting! We also hopefully can stop by our 13 Potential Investigators we found and start teaching some of them! But its just lovely here and Im catching on to things and slowly not standing out so bad! But hope all is well, I loved each email! Tara the boys are so cute and everyone loves looking at ALL my billion pictures of them plasterd all over my flat! I thought this month was autism awareness month! Ill remember to wear Blue for my sweet Ty Ty- He seems like he is making so much improvement every day! Tell them I love them and make sure they dont forget me! But hope you enjoy the Pictures and TARA JO- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry these arent nothing to special but I didnt have much time to do anything else but hope your day is great tomorow and you love your new camera! Make TJ buy you something and say its from me!

Love you all so much and miss you so much! Tara, TJ, Dev, Teddi, Amy and Dally- Thank you for your examples of being missionaries! Now I understand it but thank you for your examples- Love you all! Cheers-

Sister Wengert

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