Monday, April 22, 2013

22 April 2013

Hello Mom, Dad, and the Fam!
Its Monday agian- and each day is getting better and better! It truely is- your week sounds like a pretty good and normal wengert week! Jordy way to go! 8th in the State for Softball- that is better than we did! and 2 over the fence! Taking after your big sister- sersiouly that is so awesome! Keep me updated on it all! So proud of you- way to represent Marana Tigers! Mom you gave out a Book of Mormon? Way to go- easier said then done! I told all the other Elders that you did and we were all so excited and were shouting and high fiving- helping the Lord's Work progress! That is so awesome- just some random lady at the Mall! Bold- something Im slowly acquiring- Being more Bold but its Coming! My ward is so great and Sundays are one of the best days in the feild! Im getting to know more of the members and have established some friendships allready! The American Young Women and I love each other and say ahhh another Amercian! haha the other day a member Sister Brazington took us shopping- such a sweet family that takes such good of Just us Sisters here not so much the Elders, but we were in the car and her 2 year old daughter taps me on the shoulder and says Hey " I Love America" in her adorable brit accent- haha we all died laughing, they have no idea were she got that from! So Cute! But Yes Baptism on Saturday- I can't wait! Even though I didnt do a whole lot I have really grown to love Tania and well send you pictures of it on Monday! Not every missionary gets to be part of a baptism in the 3rd week of her mission! We had her interview on Friday and it was an hour long, when it should be less than 30 min and me and Sister Obies Sachez were so nervous down stairs going over if we taught everything! We had Sione Kalamafone or (whoever you spell it) a professional rugby player sit and babysit the other Elder as his comp was giving the interview and we talked for a while and such a neat guy- he is from Tonga and I told him about Skyler! He said Sky will have an easy mission, unlike here he said, the food is so good but will be very different for him- but can you foward this to him! Tell him Im serving in Siones Ward in England! Crazy! But Pretty good week- This week not 13 potentials unfortuantly but still a good week a lot of canceled appoitments and Lots of Finding and yelling to us at the doors- you just learn to brush it off most of the time. (Dang Red Grove Drive is the worst) haha
This week we had a small miracle- we had 30 min before we had to be home and we were at our flat but we went out for the last 30 min and had nothing. As we were walking home and GQ'ing everyone we saw we walked by a group of huge black guys in hoods and smoking- it was dark and we were in an ally way and I was getting a bit nervous not gonna lie they were a bit dodgy really- I was about to pull out some self defense moves I had learned on last Pday! haha We didnt bother stopping them cause we were nervous, but one stopped and asked if we were mormons, I hesitatnly said yesss and he was like hey me too! We were both like WHAT- (Like Tara says What) and he said he went to church in Gloucster and now moved here but didnt know were the church here is! Hahaha Definitly a lesson learned! You never know who the gospel  can touch! But we gave him the directions to the church and just a small miracle but defintily impacted me! Pretty neat and we shared it at District meeting! The Elders were like that is so awesome!
But ya this week we have quite a few potentials that are going to allow us to stop by and share the 1st lesson so pretty exciting! Including Zxcocratee (Sock-ra-tee) who has three teeth and a intersting story but gotta love it! So im excited to really practice what I did so many times in the MTC!
On Saturday the SUN was actually shining- quite the rare occasion for England but there was a ward activity that night! So much fun we had a DA at the Church before and then and went and set up! It was such a blast they played a bunch of tv show games like jeopardy and such! We sisters were on the Young Womens team and had a blast with them! I love being with them and am getting to know them more and more and some have become my little sisters! We go and do YW on Fridays just to help out and also cause so many sisters are now serving, that were just examples of it I guess! I love it! But on one of the games we played they were playing songs and then stopping it and then asking for the lyrics! They played a Donny Osmond song and NONE of them even knew who Donny Osmand was- the adults all did but they had never heard of him. Made me feel a bit old really! Pretty Funny- It was fun to listen to "real" music for a bit! haha
Sunday I taught Gospel Principles- the Ward Mission Leader asked me the night before but I was a little stressed and it was on Sacrafice- but it ended up really good! I had lots of great comments and had lots of people complment it said it was so  "Lovely"! But it was really fun and have decided it is abetter expereince to not prepare and just teach by the spirit becuase you learn more yourself! It is a pretty awesome feeling! I love this work and am proud to be in the long line of great Missionaries that we have in this family! Dad- That geneology was really intersting thanks for that! Its funny before the mission- might have been a bit of  a bore..but its funny to see your priorities change on your mission! I love it and keep it coming! It gives me more motivation to work harder cause I have a lot to live up to! W9 Baby!
Mom- could you email me some fun sheet music just a couple every now and then if you can figure it out- maybe Like the Waterfall or some church music! I would Love it! and Just a heads up I can listen to ANY uplifting music that isnt too upbeat, our choice really! So if you have any good stuff send it or email it my way?? Maybe some Vocal Point?? You could email me? I would Love it
Elder Chardon is the best! I wish he was my district leader! He is such a stud!!!! ... Sister Wengert is such a good missionary! Good job helping her be a missionary before she even was called! Cheers! Elder Chardon - From Holland!
That was Elder Chardon haha As you could guess!
But missionary Life is so good! It is work that is for sure but this week should be a good one! Tomorow is Zone Meeting! So i will be able to see a couple in my MTC district which I cant wait! Random fun fact- people in England have Pet RATS- and I finally held one! haha Suzie Lonterman had one and insisted that I hold it Ill send a pic! Love you all and home sounds good! I want a pic of Janaes Teeth and the new horse! Love you all I love this gospel
W9 Sister Wengert

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