Thursday, April 11, 2013

I made it!

Hello from England! I have finally made it to this chocolate and crumpit loving area! And let me tell you Jet Lag is killing me! I have almost fallin asleep in pretty much every thing today- luckily were not doing to much! The flights were LONG but fun to have everyone around ( all 29 missionaries) I even passed out 2 handouts to this professional European Basketball player on the plan to Amsterdam! But then on the flight to Birmingham got my first rejection from Hanz from Denmark when I offered him a Book of Mormon...but you gotta start somewere! But my compions name is Sister Obis Sanchez and she is from Madrid, Spain! haha Pretty crazy- she is good so far just trying to get to know eachother. Im writing from a members home now after they fed us dinner. It is sooo different here- its so crazy! It is really like learning a new language here, I have to start memorizing the metric system and other words! But I love it but definitely feeling overwhelmed and very out of place!
My Pday is Monday so Ill email ya then- Mom when you send that other package- can you also put in my black laptop backpack I used for schoool or If not ill just buy a new one here!- i believe its next door in a tub! I hope Sister Rasmussen called ya and you got to chat! call her with any problems with Meds! Love you all, Gotta Run before I fall asleep again! Love ya
Sister Wengert

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