Monday, November 18, 2013

Full of Thanks

s it seriously Thanksgiving! When did this happen! and to answer our question No Thanksgiving here! Im sure some members will try and mimic Thanksgiving dinner which will be fun and if I dont get pumpkin pie this week, I am determined to find a can of pumpkin and make one myself. You have to have pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving! My favourite! But This week sounds great! CONGRATS Tan the Man! a Champian and looking buff in your uniform! I was thinking of your game all week and assumed you won! Good job and I loved all the signs and posters! I envy your jumpers and ligh jackets you were wearing! You would get laughed at here if you just wore that! haha! But you learn to embrace it and think about all the cute winter hats and gloves and scarfs you can wear! I got a package from Aunt Lisa AND Grandma and Grandpa this week and thank you so much! I loved the sweedish fish and chocolate covered sunflower seeds! So fun and thank you for the chapstick and headbands! It reminded me of when we would take those skinny headbands and shoot them at the cottage cheese roof and they would all stick up there! haha But thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt lisa! I loved them and am so lucky and thankful for them!
Im feeling pretty good now and were working more and more each day. President just wants me to go slowly into and not rush anything but Im feeling good! Once again a true miracle- 3 weeks later, just some bruises and scratches left! Such a blessing and I am so thankful the lord is aware of his misionaries and protects them! Miracles are real and I am much more aware of the big and especially the small ones I see everyday! To answer some more questions: we did see Leroy the big guy with the bab, but just like you expereinced with the sisters, which is a VERY real thing for missionaries we got flogged! It is very disappointing but keep going out wih the sisters! I love that you go out wih them! I bet they are the best! you will hve to send a pic of them and you! We saw the old man at the poppy apelle but he was on his way out! But he loves us and yelled as we walked away "Man...I wish I was younger" as him and his walker went the other way, but we are going to teach him this week and hopefully get him to church!
We also put 2 of our investigators on baptismal date! Chris is back on a date for the 14 and Eddie from Zimbabwe is on  date for the 22 of Dec! Chris is doing ok, but we just have to get him to church, the main thing he is missing! That is one of the hardest things as missionaires to expereince on Sundays. You do everything you possible can, even wake up early to bang on his window 4 times sunday morning to wake him up and they still chose not to come. Agency..sometimes I dont appreciate it, but I know progress is all in the Lords time! We taught Eddie the Plan of Salvation this week and he loved it! He said it means everything to him, over and over again. He is so excited to see him mum again someday who passed away a year ago! He is so humble and basically said what we would say to him about reading and praying about the BOM! It takes time and dedication my sistas (in his afircan accent), I need to do it every day and I will fill of the lords power! I love him so much! We also got a new invstigator this week who was a referral! Missionaries love referrals! The Lord is blessing our area and it is a testimony strenghtner to me that the Lord knows me and knows I cant go 100% right now and he knows that and sees us doing our best and he is picking up the rest!
Elder Dyches was Amazing! SO inspiring and I learnt so much from him. He is so down to earth and his wife is so sweet! We all got to talk and meet him for a bit and of course I had to tell the story to him of how I got hit by a car, but we talked about miracles! Such an incredible expereince to speak with a man so close to God. I could feel his spirit as I spoke to him. Our Zone conference was on Setting Goals and being Accountable and teaching skills and I have so much to apply to our work this week, but its a new challange to apply it all. I love it! He said so many incredible things but what I loved the most was he said " You call it your mission, but it really is not". He talked about how the Lord can do so much more with you, then you can do with yourself. It is all about turning yourself over the the lord, which is hard to do, but a noble and worthy task.
Heitje is married!! haha wow when did this happen! I need to see pictures of that! The mini mission was great this week and she loved it! I learnt alot and hopefully we helped her to prepare for her mission! It made me think of how I got my mission call about a year ago and look where we are now. Time is a funny thing and goes by so fast. Live it up, because it goes fast!
I also got a package a week back from my good friend Kelsey Hess who is serving in San Diego and she sent me this cool Cali shirt! I had to show here im rocking it across the world! Dad I got the book and it is amazing!I hope my words can live up to some of the words allready written it, and thanks for the words from Bishop as well, I love that and will share that with others at Dinnner apps! Speaking of dinner apps, we are so spoiled here! We have DAs every day this week till the 29th! haha We are loved in Derby ward!
This Thanksgiving week I am full of Gratitude and thanks. I am thankful for my life, especially from these last couple weeks, I know I am watched over. Looking back on these past couple months with Dallins accident and then me getting hit by a car out of the blue, life is precious and we need to give thanks for it, we never know what may lie around the corner. I am grateful for my family. I am so blessed to be surrounded by amazing people all over the world. I am blessed to have this incredible knoweldege that my Saviour lives and knows and loves me and so blessed to be on a mission, I know each day is shaping me into a better person and I love my mission. We have so many things to be thankful for: the good times and the bad times. They all contribute to our wellbeing. Enjoy Thanksgiving and remember to pause to thank our Heavenly Father for the many things we have in our lives. President emailed and said  has been said that one single thankful thought raised to heaven is the most perfect prayer. Thank you for everything.
Make it a great week and every travel safely whereever you go! Enjoy Wisconsin and also dinner at the Lindseys! Sounds like fun! Love you all! Thanks for everything
W9 Sister Wengert
Ps Ill see your faces in 39 days on skype! Who is all coming for Christmas! LOVE YOU!
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