Monday, September 23, 2013

Derby...a whole new world! bonjour'

Hello my loves,
Thank you for the great emails things sound busy and yes a difinite week of change! I am in my new area: I am in Derby... pronouced Darby (one thing ive learned anything in england is always pronounced the opposite of what it looks like! I am in Derby near Nottingham, England with a missionary who has been out 6 weeks! Her name is Sister Peronnet and she is grom Gineva, Switzerland! She speaks some english with a very thick french accent! I am helping her learn english and she is teaching me French! Ive got about 4 phrases down so im making progress daily! Derby is HUGE! Like 6 times the size of my Area! We  sometimes have to Bus 30 minutes to a DA or appointment, and Ive never bussed before and my comp has been out 6 weeks, so its been a rough couple of days figuring things out, but were getting there! We dont bike much which im bummed about, just because we bus most places. I love bullseye and she was a bit pricey so i want to get the most use out of her, but my bum is far less sore lately! haha But everything is good. Getting a new area with a 6 week missionrary was a bit overwhelming, but we got organized this week and this week were going to get serious and start working!The ward is really great though and all willing to help in the work which makes our job so much easier! I have never had so many hugs on my first day here!
It was so hard to say goodbye to Cheltenham! It was like leaving for the Mtc all over again! It was hard to leave the area i had been working so long, but it is def in good hands! Definintly some tears shed, and so hard to say goodbye to the members. I have family there, my district, my girl, it was really hard! We had our last TGIS that night and then split for the mission home the next morning for a coach (bus) to take us to the mission home and then to get on another Coach to get to Nottingham and then to get on another train to get to Derby at 8 oclock. a Long day for sure! Our flat is quite nice and I finally got a memory foam mattress for my bed! I have never been happier to be in bed at half ten!
Cheltenaham will always be one of my favourite areas; so many good things and went through so much learning an growth, but im excited to expereince even more in a different area! Our area is doing pretty well- we spent mostly this week getting things organized and ready to see how we are going to work this area. Derby is a gold mine for finding. Filled with heaps of African and chinese people!
We are teaching a man named Yan Wu from Singapore China! He speaks very little english and it is incredible teaching him. we watched the Restoration in Chinese the other day, and not exaclty how i pictured joseph smith speaking chinese, but the spirit is so strong as we huddle closely together as he whispers in broken english. I kind of felt like Teddi teaching in Hong kong for a few minutes! He knows it is all true, he just says he needs more time to be baptised. We also taught a lady named Jackie who is from Tucson AZ haha pretty crazy! She loves God so much and wants to do what is right, love that lady allready! We also have a baptismal date for the 12 for a boy named Jack. Such a sweet little boy with some challanges but he is excited to be baptised before he turns 10! We have some good investigators, but im excited to go finding here. Even though the lady next to me just accused me of being evil, yelled at me and then refused to sit next to me. I know there are people being prepared for me here and im going to find them!
Dallin, that is incredible you are baptising Dan, you are the man! I love you and am so proud of our progress. Mum, I would love to be in your lessons! You are incredible. Sorry its short, you have to literally maul someone to get a computer here. I am good, I am safe, and I am happy.
The Church is true.
Love you all
W9 Sister wengert
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