Monday, July 1, 2013

England :)

Hello everybody- its officially im officially training. I got my new missionary on wednesday! We all went to the mission home on wednesday, it was the biggest transfer in mission history so far! It was so fun to see a glimpse of everyone and find out were everyone is going! But anyway,  She is from Colorado and is 19 years old, fresh out of the MTC! Her name is Sister Andersen and she is great! She is outgoing and ready to work, one small thing- she tore her tendons in her ankle 2 days before I got her so she is crutches haha but she is prett quick on them! But she is tough and great! We just use the Zone leaders and members to truck us all around! haha not bad but she is miracluosly healing quick and want to be on bikes soon, which I cant wait for!! Get lots done and faster! But we are working with it and doing good, she is so tough and doesnt let her stop it and it has actually been quite the conversation starter! So bonus points for us! haha But really good week, we have a new guy on a Baptismal date: His name is Derek :) and he is from Zambia!! haha He is pretty solid and the spirit is so strong in his lessons, and asks us for more to read in the BOM. We will be teaching him on Wednesday and then church sunday, but he now is a progressing investigator- my first "progressing" investigator in the mission so far! But he is doing really good and his name is Derek- I think of Elder Wengert every time I teach him! 
This is saturday we also had a ward BBQ, such a fun night, some serious vollyball and good food- and the best part it didnt even rain (miracle)! But anyway I really wanted some less actives there and we have been trying to be focused on a 14 year old girl named Shania who got baptised a couple years ago. We kept visiting her and then got her to come to the BBQ and then wanted to come to church the next day and she brought her 2 friends as well, and should be teaching and seeing all of them this week! Miracles are real! We also finally had Srikenph come to church, he left early as he fell asleep next to me but he went! but ya good sunday :) and My comp is way fun and defintily have some good stories all ready! But sorry it is a bit short this week but training is good- different and a bit hard and nerve racking, but all you can do is rely on the spirit to help you. Lots of prayer and relying on the spirit! But our new district has 2 brand new missionaries, but its going good! Much different than our past district but it is good. I shared Uncle Kenny's expereience giving dallin a Blessing and the elders loved it, thought it was so cool, so thank you for sharing that with me! Hope home is getting good! Mom I dont think I got your email- I got Dad's so it seems like Dallin is at home now? But im sure the lord is continuing to bless our family, every day! 
Derek, Argentina sounds legit! I loved your baptismal font and that is crazy how you have to fill up the entire font- makes me grateful to be in England! But training is good, and im so grateful to be in Celtenham, right were I belong! Hope everyone has a great week! All is well...All is well. 
W9 Sister Wengert 

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