Monday, July 8, 2013


Dallin...Your joking...Your not really home are you! MIRACLES are sooooo real.... afterall, there are no coincedences in missionary work! Only miracles, appartantly it is the same for everything! But your shirt looks so good on you Dally and you look so good! Each email it gets harder and harder to beleive everything because Dallin is out and eating Mexican Food, which I Miss SO much, so thanks for rubbing that in! But the power of prayer is unreal, and My testimony has grown so much this last month. I truely know that the Lord gives you trials and expereinces at certain times in our life becuase he knows the end effect and how it will effect us. I have never grown so much these past 2 months. It reminds me of the quote from Elder Holland... " Some blessings come soon, some come late, some dont come till heaven, but for those who except the gospel they come. There is help and happiness ahead"

This week has been Insane! haha Probably the craziest week of my entire mission! Stressful, but good. Sister Andersen is doing really good growing heaps. She is still on crutches but her foot is slowly getting better. But still no bikes, but soon hopefully! She is from Loveland by the way dad! She is 19 and doing great!
But this week was crazy- this week I taught the most lessons I have ever taught. I taught as many lessons this week than I have probably in the 1st month of my mission. It is crazy because this part of missionary work, finding and then teaching, I didnt do much of, so i dont always know what to do in alot of situations, but we figure it out together, us and the spirit..cant go wrong! We are still working with Derek from Zambia and taught a couple of really solid lessons to him, we just got to get him to church. He says it is too early (10 am) I forget not everone wakes up at 6:30 daily! haha but we will get him! We also have another pretty solid Investigator named Theo from Kenya and we teach him in a construction hot boxcar haha, but somehow the spirit is still there. I love teaching the restored gospel and each lesson is better and better together. Missionary work is the greast thing we can be doing, and Im privelged to be aprart of it especially at this time with the changes and push of missionaries! 
The best part of this week was church though. So we are still working with Shania the Less Active and we went and visited her and she loved it and is warming up to us more and more, half way through her 2 younger siblings came in and started listining. We invitied them to church! Shania ended up not coming, but her 2 younger siblings loved primary and I played the Piano again, its basically my calling now :) But the spirit is so strong as these cute little kids sing there hearts out. Then got to teach a primary class with one of the siblings in it (Asten and Shakira) haha yes her name is Shakira! but they cant wait to come back next week! But Busy busy week, app after app! The best feeling ever! This week should be pretty busy and we are going to wales Friday and Saturday for exchanges with the ZL sisters! 
We also celebrated the 4th of july- the Zone leaders called us and said grab matches and your cameras and meet us downstairs in 3! They bought sparklers and us Americans and one Aussie sang the national anthem! haha the best!
We also had a primary stake activity this saturday where us missionaries acted out some scriptures stories- my district did the tree of life. Costumes and everything! The kids loved it and it was pretty sweet and we rocked our outfits! haha 
THANK YOU for the package. Made my day and it didnt even get stolen, another miracles because it was sent to my flat! (its usually safer to sent to the mission home) but It made a rough day the Best day! Thank you and the Elders loved the sour straws! But thank you so much! Have fun at the Wengert reunion, im sure that will be good and eat green chili for me! Side note, Most things are probably spelled wrong, its the UK in me, they spell everything differently, im sorry if you cant read, I can no longer spell. I love you all- Dally man stay strong and rep your shirt with pride! I love being a missionary and yes dad, if missionary work is like digging ditches, Ill dig all day long. 
Tala love...
Sister Wengert
PS I saw Sis Gardner at the mission home! :) the Best to see something or someone from home!

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